10 Bizarre Cars

Your car is like your home away from home. You can spend anywhere from two to five hours a day in your commute to and from work or running errands. It should

10 Most Bizarre Phobias

Just about everyone is afraid of something. It may not rational and it might not even make sense but we allow these phobias to control some part of our lives.

The Five Most Brutal Deaths in the Bible

Sex, war, murder, betrayal, prostitution, genital mutilation and non-stop violence. No, these aren’t HBO’s programming goals, but a brief synopsis of events from the Bible. In fact, you’d be shocked by the gruesome fates that befell some poor fellows documented in this surprisingly badass tome…

The 10 Most Useless G.I. Joe Characters

Back before it was okay for dudes to be obsessed with magical ponies, little boys spent their playtime miming horrific acts of violence. The biggest benefactor of this was GI Joe, and Hasbro was more than willing to exploit this trend by producing a staggering number of stupid characters.

5 Reasons it Would Totally Suck to Live in the South Park Universe

South Park is, without a doubt, one of the greatest cartoons ever made. It has had amazing longevity, running 13 years on Comedy Central at a time when adults

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3 Reasons Why Installing a Fence Around Your House is a Good Idea

Our homes are our sanctuaries and it is no surprise that we spend at least 60% of our lives in...

6 of the Most Crazy as Sh** He-Man Characters

Take a trip to the underbelly of Eternia as we review the most twisted ancillary characters from everyone’s favorite 80’s cartoon.

5 Most Awesome Batman Comics

We all want to be Batman. Some of us would even sacrifice our parents for the chance, just like Bruce Wayne. The people that wouldn’t haven’t seen the crazy stuff Batman gets up to.