5 Great Chick Flicks for Guys

Most female oriented movies or “chick flicks” are like a slow acting toxin to men. However, over the course of a marriage or perhaps an excessively long couples weekend, you’re going to have to watch one. These are your best options.

4 More Comic Book Movies (Fans Would Like to Forget About)

We established in a previous article that comic book movies were: A) All the rage, B) Totally badass and C) Hiding a shameful, shameful past. And we’re not

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Not unlike previous years, 2009 was filled with celebrity slip ups, publicity stunts and political blunders (however in the Obama era there have been less of

5 of the Weirdest Ways to Die

1. Too much of a good thing - Water IntoxicationIn June of 2007 Jennifer Lea Strange joined a short list of people who drank themselves to death with water

Evolution of Horror Legends: Hannibal Lecter

Once again, we take you on a guided tour of the things that scare you most. This time, we examine a man that is willing to get in your head in more ways than one…

10 Absolutely Baffling Celebrity Cameos in Music Videos

Believe it or not, music videos are actually things that still exist, despite the fact that channels like MTV would have you believe otherwise. Celebrities popping up in a music video are never particularly surprising. If, for example, you saw LeBron James pop up in a hip hop video, it would make total sense. But now and then a celebrity will appear in a music video and you kind of have to do a do

16 Highest Selling Items in Auction History

In 1674, the first auction house was opened in Sweden. It was named Stockholms Auktionsverk. In modern times, thousands of precious antiques and historical

8 Creepy Abandoned Places

There’s something innately scary about abandoned places. Maybe it’s the possible story behind the lack of people. Maybe it’s because you fear what might still be there. Maybe you’re afraid of cobwebs.

6 Insane Modern Cures – That Sort of Work

Humanity has come a long way in the field of medicine. No longer are we to subject ourselves to magical spells and leeches, instead relying on the modern