Five Warnings That Went Ignored

People like to think that the future is uncertain, and that when bad things happen, they couldn’t have been avoided. These people beg to differ.

4 Human Jobs Outsourced to Animals

As if Americans weren’t already irrationally afraid of all the best jobs being stolen by illegal immigrants, now they have to contend with the rest of the animal kingdom trying to horn in on their board meetings and casual Fridays…

4 Massive Sports Riots

Americans might make fun soccer players penchant for embellished wussiness, but they know better than to do it where their far more badass, riot happy fans can hear them.

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Beers have always been an important part of social culture and today beer is made and appreciated the world over. There is no doubt that different countries and

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One of the more interesting aspects of pro-wrestling over the past ten to fifteen years is that the bigger a jerk you are, the more fans you gain. The

10 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

1. The ReptoidsIf ex-BBC presenter turned conspiracy theorist and science fiction writer David Icke is to be believed, the world is run not by the

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In the last few decades, health and a healthy diet have been a growing trend. Many products base their marketing...

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The combination of video games and sex is so obvious that it's physically painful: guys play video games and guys also like nudity. If you can somehow combine

4 Star Wars Plot Twists Ruined for Future Generations by the Prequels

What’s that? You can’t possibly create another internet article about Star Wars you say? Well just wait until your grandchildren hear about this!