Weekly Links #5

1. Benjamin Button Monkey - Sad Ugly Monkey2. Costume Fails - Fail Photos3. Very strange baby costume - Photo Gallery4.

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The Five Nastiest Databases on the Internet

The Internet is full of information, but it can be hard to find exactly the information you need. That's where databases come in, and fortunately, no matter how

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The Top 10 Weirdest Japanese Snacks and Drinks

Trying to convince people that Japan is a little bit weird is like trying to sell them on the idea that breathing air and not swallowing razors is beneficial to

7 Vegans Who Could Kick Your Butt

“Vegan” and “Kick your butt” are not words usually associated together. Sure, some may throw fake blood on unsuspecting fried chicken enthusiasts, but

6 Movie Cameos That Weren’t Meant to Be

A clever cameo won’t make or break a movie but it can be more than enough to get people talking. For example, Mel Gibson was originally set to have a cameo

20 Weird Superstitions

These are some crazy and weird superstitions. Feel free to add some more, I know there are so many of them in this world. #01The number 13.It's just a

7 Cool Things You’d Want to Add to Your Game Room

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5 Best Smart Technologies for Your Home Maintenance

You don’t have eyes all over your body…just a pair of eyes on your face (and it should be enough,...