6 Ridiculous Weapons of War

Conflict brings out genius. Genius, however, looks very similar to madness.Wars are won through tactics, which are usually dependent on technology. It's is

Four Legendary Thieves

It’s a lot harder to be a thief these days. DNA evidence, complex computer systems and cameras everywhere… that’s why the most notorious thieves are either dead, in jail or in political office.

4 Weird Wars

Nobody enjoys war, what with the killing and all. But despite how horrible the experience is, the study of wars throughout history is fascinating. Some wars

The Angel of Death and the Twins of Auschwitz

Josef Mengele was a Nazi scientist involved in their famous genetics program that had the task of creating a master race of Aryan people. The job for Mengele,

Grigori Rasputin: His Life, Murder, and Penis

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin is an infamous character, the lecherous Russian mystic whose life sparked controversy and tragedy. He was a man of contradictions,

Four Famous Generals (And Their Major Mistakes)

Pobody’s nerfect. And while little errors like that don’t mean squat in the scheme of things, the snafu’s committed by the gentlemen were a lot more costly.

6 Weird Monuments From Around the World

Monuments exist as a testament to the greatness/significance of whatever event or person they are commemorating. Because while human memory might fail and books

5 Awesome Scientific Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Everyone seems to love science these days. For most this means liking quotes and pretty pictures on Facebook because real science tends to complex and boring to outsiders. Still, there are a few theories the show up from time to time that will blow your mind.

8 Ancient Pirate Mysteries That Were Never Solved

Back in the past, as the sailing technology was gradually developing, many people set off to explore the seas and oceans for various purposes. Some wanted to discover and colonize new lands, others were trying to profit from trading with other nations. But, hidden in the shadows, there were some people whose only goal was to get rich by plundering and stealing at sea. Those nasty and merciless peo

7 Incredible Things You Never Knew About the Flag of the USA

Americans love the Stars and Stripes and a lot of that is due to the history of the US and the meaning of what the flag represents. It is one of the most famous flags and symbols on this planet that has also been planted in space, however, there are a lot of things that people don’t know about the flag. Here are some interesting facts that will definitely surprise you.