Five Warnings That Went Ignored

People like to think that the future is uncertain, and that when bad things happen, they couldn’t have been avoided. These people beg to differ.

5 More Least Likely Saviors From History

Human history is strewn about with “saviors”. Whether that says something negative about mankind needing that much saving or about our gullibility, we’d rather not speculate. Instead, let’s focus on the often bizarre places from which these self-proclaimed messiahs tend to pop up.

5 Famous Quotes (They’d Like You to Forget)

In an age of video cameras in every pocket and a method of rapidly disseminating information while simultaneously preserving it… you should probably watch what you say. These people wish they did.

Four Famous Generals (And Their Major Mistakes)

Pobody’s nerfect. And while little errors like that don’t mean squat in the scheme of things, the snafu’s committed by the gentlemen were a lot more costly.

Four Legendary Thieves

It’s a lot harder to be a thief these days. DNA evidence, complex computer systems and cameras everywhere… that’s why the most notorious thieves are either dead, in jail or in political office.

Eight Famous Misquotes

Abraham Lincoln once said: “9 out of 10 quotes are misattributed”. We believe his words have never been truer.

Five of the Most Notorious Doctors in History

Some people claim you’d have to be crazy to put up with four years of undergrad, four years of medical school, internships, residencies and so on just to hang out with sick people all day. These fellows prove there might be something to that theory.

4 Natural Disasters That Changed History

A natural disaster is a horrible thing. Tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis… they can ruin, disrupt and end millions of lives. And as if that weren’t enough, they can sometimes alter the very course of human history.

4 Legendary Con Artists

We're really not supposed to like con artists because, you know, they're criminals, but sometimes their stories are so absurd and their cons so effective that

4 Historic Conspiracy Theories

Most conspiracy theories deal with shadowy societies that control our lives/governments/meat supply. But there are also those that make claims about historical events and individuals… claims that ultimately matter little and are usually unprovable. Or as conspiracy theorists would say: goldmines.