4 Lucky Military Moments

It’s not always the strongest or the smartest who wins a battle; sometimes it comes down to dumb luck. Check out the four luckiest moments in military history… at least for the victors.

3 Diabolical Roman Kings (And How Karma Screwed Them All Over)

Before Rome was a republic, it was basically a group of cities dominated by someone who had enough balls to call himself ruler of them. We say that they needed

5 Awesome Scientific Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Everyone seems to love science these days. For most this means liking quotes and pretty pictures on Facebook because real science tends to complex and boring to outsiders. Still, there are a few theories the show up from time to time that will blow your mind.

These Are the Most Defiant “Last Words” in History

This list covers two categories of last words: those that went out on a joke and those that stared down their end with courage. But what they all have in common is a lack of fear in death.

4 Historic Conspiracy Theories

Most conspiracy theories deal with shadowy societies that control our lives/governments/meat supply. But there are also those that make claims about historical events and individuals… claims that ultimately matter little and are usually unprovable. Or as conspiracy theorists would say: goldmines.

Eight Famous Misquotes

Abraham Lincoln once said: “9 out of 10 quotes are misattributed”. We believe his words have never been truer.

The 3 Biggest Things Done in a Small Amount of Time

When a big project needs doing, you will always hear the builders bitching about the amount of time and manpower it’ll take to finish such a ‘massive’

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5 Popes Who Really Dropped the Ball

When you’re the figurehead of an entire religion, it casts you in a certain spotlight. People are going to pay attention to you and so help you God if you

5 People That Sold Their Souls to the Devil

There have been rumors of possible instances that someone has sold their soul to the devil. Musicians and writers, alike, are often accused of making a pact