3 Diabolical Roman Kings (And How Karma Screwed Them All Over)

Before Rome was a republic, it was basically a group of cities dominated by someone who had enough balls to call himself ruler of them. We say that they needed

History’s Five Shortest Wars

As long as there has been man, there has been fighting, probably because we're all too dumb to just agree to disagree. Hence wars. Fortunately, not all wars are

4 Natural Disasters That Changed History

A natural disaster is a horrible thing. Tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis… they can ruin, disrupt and end millions of lives. And as if that weren’t enough, they can sometimes alter the very course of human history.

Five Important Items (That Are Totally Missing)

Most people lose things from time to time. Your keys, the TV remote… maybe even your wallet if you’re unlucky. While you might feel foolish for these tiny snafus, take comfort that your slipup pales in comparison to these losses…

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7 Common Misconceptions About History

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5 Legendary Duels

Ah, the good old days. Sure racism and sexism were everywhere… and people died all the time of diseases we have cures for… and there was no internet… but at least you could legally kill someone who pissed you off, if you were man enough to do it to his face.

6 Strange Mysteries of the Great Sphinx

Ancient Egypt is perhaps best symbolized by the Pyramids along with the Great Sphinx, a magnificent yet incredibly mysterious statue and structure. Over the centuries, many have speculated about the Sphinx's real purpose, but very little has actually been discovered. The Sphinx is surrounded by questions and theories, so here are some of the most puzzling and intriguing mysteries about this magnif

10 of the Worst Weapons in History

Desperate times call for desperate measures, or so the old cliché goes, and war is the most desperate time of all. But if you're too desperate you end up with weapons that simply don't work. Here are only ten such examples.