7 Common Misconceptions About History

They say that those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. This might be true, but your studies aren’t worth jack if what you learn is a pack of lies, like these commonly believed historical accounts.

The 3 Biggest Things Done in a Small Amount of Time

When a big project needs doing, you will always hear the builders bitching about the amount of time and manpower it’ll take to finish such a ‘massive’

6 People Who Almost Changed History

History is strewn with great individuals who managed to invent, assassinate or fight their way into high school textbooks worldwide, changing history with every

5 More Least Likely Saviors From History

Human history is strewn about with “saviors”. Whether that says something negative about mankind needing that much saving or about our gullibility, we’d rather not speculate. Instead, let’s focus on the often bizarre places from which these self-proclaimed messiahs tend to pop up.

4 Historic Conspiracy Theories

Most conspiracy theories deal with shadowy societies that control our lives/governments/meat supply. But there are also those that make claims about historical events and individuals… claims that ultimately matter little and are usually unprovable. Or as conspiracy theorists would say: goldmines.

4 Lucky Military Moments

It’s not always the strongest or the smartest who wins a battle; sometimes it comes down to dumb luck. Check out the four luckiest moments in military history… at least for the victors.

10 of the Worst Weapons in History

Desperate times call for desperate measures, or so the old cliché goes, and war is the most desperate time of all. But if you're too desperate you end up with weapons that simply don't work. Here are only ten such examples.

New Year’s Day in History: 11 Historic Events

As each year winds down we look forward to the next with anticipation. To celebrate 2016, let's take a look at these historic January 1sts (in no particular order).

These Are the 10 Most Dangerous Attempts to Fly

We will forever be tempted by the sky. Before we mastered flight we tried all sorts of crazy things. Even after we've worked it out we still try weird ways to reach the heavens. This is a collection of attempts from all throughout history.

3 Badasses From World War 2 (Who Never Held a Weapon)

Check out the three men who didn’t need to pick up a gun to prove they were a part of the greatest generation.