5 Things To Know About Personal Background Checks – Curiosity Or Need?

Can we check someone's information online? The answer is - yes. You can check the background of the person very easily....

7 Utterly Bizarre Assassination Attempts

Assassinations are a dirty part of global politics and warfare, and as you can probably guess there are tons of attempts on the lives of political leaders that you never even hear about. You would imagine that these assassination attempts would involve only the most elite soldiers and snipers, pulling off James Bond level operations in order to take out an important, hopefully maniacal figure. Of

Cannibalism – Survival of the Fattest

Fatty or Skinny? It’s a question that has dogged us since the dawn of time. Should I eat Fatty or Skinny? Fatty would go further, but Skinny would probably

Cannibalism – People Who Eat Other People

Have you ever been so hungry you’d eat just about anything? You look in the fridge and search through your kitchen cupboards for something to fill that

The Angel of Death and the Twins of Auschwitz

Josef Mengele was a Nazi scientist involved in their famous genetics program that had the task of creating a master race of Aryan people. The job for Mengele,