Five Lowest Points in Advergaming History

Back in the day, companies would sponsor things. Television and radio programs, athletes, pretty much anything to get their message across. But for some reason, when video games came along, they thought they could just cut out the middle man and do everything themselves.

5 Weird “Sports” Video Games

Major league sports permeate our lives. They’re on TV, the radio, on our clothes and even our video games. And when we’re finally sick and tired of sports, they try to trick us into shelling out more money for insane quasi-sports games like these.

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Simply inserting sexy characters into your video game won’t make it the game of the year… but it certainly doesn’t hurt! Check of the seven sexiest games we could find.

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“A lie is a lie.Just because they write it down and call it history doesn't make it the truth.We live in a world where seeing is not believing.Where

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There are two types of people on this planet (and off of it, we suppose, if we include spacefarers in this statement): those who play StarCraft II online, and

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The Five Failed Video Game Consoles (That Had it Coming)

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