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The catchiest song on the Internet has taken the cyber world by storm. The popularity of this extremely hilarious and imaginative song and video had made this

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Tattoos have always been a tradition method of self-expression. But sometimes that self-expression expresses just a little too much and many times you just have

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LinkI interviewed hundreds of thousands of people in my quest to find the strangest things to say to a stranger. According to my interviewees, these lines

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There are many jobs to be had out in this vast world of ours, but there are some bizarre, odd, and weird jobs out there that some people would never consider

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If a flag is supposed to encapsulate a country and embody it’s citizens, we’ve found eight terrible places filled with terrible people. Enjoy.

Things That Made You Go Huh in 2009

Not unlike previous years, 2009 was filled with celebrity slip ups, publicity stunts and political blunders (however in the Obama era there have been less of

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Humans, as a whole, are very competitive by nature. So, when we get board with the “normal” competitions, like sports, out there we can come up with some

The 12 Stupidest Ways People Died (Thanks to Going to the Bathroom)

The bathroom is one of the last places where people can find peace, quiet, serenity… and death.

9 Slogans That Make No Sense

Yeah, yeah, we know. All advertising is ridiculous. It is, but these slogans are flat out wrong. Like, logically, they don’t make sense. You may say,

12 Activities (To Kill Time on the Can)

If you’re like us, your employer foolishly pays you for the entire time you’re at work, regardless of what you’re doing. Or perhaps you’re a