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As long as there have been superheroes, there have been superhero teams. And as long as there have been superhero teams, there have been really bad ideas for

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The Golden Age of Comics took place during the thirties and forties. During this period, comics saw their first major boom, and the popularity of superheroes

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We all want to be Batman. Some of us would even sacrifice our parents for the chance, just like Bruce Wayne. The people that wouldn’t haven’t seen the crazy stuff Batman gets up to.

5 Strange Alternate Universe Stories of Iconic Superheroes

You can only tell the same story so many times before it gets boring, even if that story is about an orphaned billionaire/last alien of its kind/radioactive arachnid enthusiast. That’s when comic writers turn to alternate universes to get creative and – frankly – quite weird.

6 Ways in Which Superman Would Debate Batman on National Issues

Originally, superheroes would appear in comics doing supernatural things and this was considered thrilling enough. Nowadays superheroes spend most of their time dealing with “issues” and being edgy. Between these two trends was a very dark time… when superheroes did everything we do… but SUPER.

6 Comic Book Movies That May Never Get Made

Comic book movies are all the rage. Actually, Hollywood is so desperate to avoid original ideas they’re using pretty much any story the comic world can churn out… but even they can drag their heels from time to time…

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The 10 Most Obscure Comics Characters to Ever Get a Bust

Comics nerds love two things; complaining about comics, and buying useless c*@p. And since comics don't really make money any more, they're kind of stuck

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Behind every good super-hero is a great sidekick. But behind every great sidekick is a long line of chumps who just couldn't make the cut as Robin the Boy

6 Reasons Continuity Destroys Superhero Universes

In desperate need of a way to kill an afternoon or longer? Ask your nearest comic book nerd to explain the various continuities of his favorite character’s universe. Sound like fun? Well there’s a good reason for that.