These Photos Will Change the Way You Think About the Ocean

We think of the ocean as a serene place. The sight, the smell, the sound... it's all so peaceful. But often what we see is merely the surface. Sometimes it takes a difference perspective to get a better grasp of what's underneath the waves.

These 11 Real-Life Superpowers Will Change How You Think About Nature

Nature is wild but wise. Many creatures have evolved over time to adapt to an ever-changing world, leading some to develop what us humans might consider superpowers. Below are eleven of the coolest and most surprising abilities found in wildlife.

5 Most Unique and Unusual Islands on World

For most of us islands hold a certain mystique. It could be their seclusion that entices us, or the perceived difficulty of reaching them. Others are relatively untouched and represent a a world lost in the modern age. For these reasons and many more, islands can be deeply fascinating. Here are some of the most unique examples.

16 Small but Terrifying Creatures

Here are some small, yet horrifying little monsters prowling around out in Mother Nature’s backyard. Mother Nature is a deadly, terrifying force that we should all be deathly afraid of. And apparently, Mother Nature has a heck of a sense of humor because she packages some of her most deadly assassins in small, and often cute and cuddly packages. Sure, most of the terrifying animals on the planet a

7 Amazing Photos Taken Underwater

Now that almost every person walks around with a reasonably high quality camera at all times in their phones and digital SLRs have become as plentiful as the hipsters that snap them up, it takes a lot to make a photograph impressive. May we suggest taking them under water?

7 Water Creatures You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Around 70% of the world’s surface is covered by bodies of water, so it’s no wonder that we know more about what’s on the Ocean of Tranquillity than the Marianas Trench. In fact, new species that live in the sea are turning up every day.

15 Photos of Animals Being Awesome

While humans are technically animals, we generally consider ourselves separate from the natural world. Maybe that’s why everything animals seem to do looks so goddamn cool.

8 Animals Who Kick Ass

It’s a fact of the natural world that some creatures will be better at certain tasks than others, one of which is looking goddamn awesome. If you look around

4 More Human Jobs Outsourced to Animals

Ready to have your heartstrings pulled and your livelihood taken from you by some adorable animals? Who are we kidding, you know you are.

4 Human Jobs Outsourced to Animals

As if Americans weren’t already irrationally afraid of all the best jobs being stolen by illegal immigrants, now they have to contend with the rest of the animal kingdom trying to horn in on their board meetings and casual Fridays…