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When you think about it, there are actually two ways that you can stop worrying about your partner cheating. Firstly, you can choose to talk to them until you are convinced that they are not cheating, and secondly, you can choose to secretly get some proof of them lying to you.

Now, since you have opened this specific article, you have probably chosen to secretly obtain the proof you need, and if so, do not worry, you are not alone and this article has got your back. Let’s take a closer look at the list of the best, secret ways that you can use for catching your cheating girlfriend:

1. First Things First – Determine if There Are Any Warning Signs

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You should be focused on determining if she started losing interest in you. People cheat for a wide range of reasons, however, it most commonly happens when one partner is unsatisfied and sad in the relationship. So, if you started worrying about your girlfriend cheating, determine if there are any warning signs.

Some of the signs might be if she calls and messages you less often if she looks distracted and bored when you are together, if she started buying new clothes, lies with whom she is, or where she is, as well as if she started canceling your dates and walks often. All of these things are the main signs that you should watch out for.

2. Is She on The Phone More Often?

Another thing that you should pay attention to is if she spends more time on her smartphone and/or computer. Does she look like she is constantly chatting with someone while you are together? Firstly, you should try to stay calm, a lot of typing might mean that she is simply talking to her mother.

Hence, try asking about what she is doing, is everything okay, and, you could even choose to ask to whom she is talking to. There is one thing that you should remember though, you should not do it because she might set up some additional security that you do not know about. This is something that leads us to our next tip…

3. Use a Spy Application

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There is a wide range of applications such as spyfone that you can get in order to see various information from your girlfriend’s smartphone. By choosing this option, you’ll be able to see both outgoing and incoming calls, calls logs, as well as her GPS location by accessing a map.

Of course, if she discovers that you are using the app, it might not be good for you, especially since you might have been wrong. Hence, if you are considering this option, ensure that you go through the other methods on this list because they will allow you to be completely sure about her cheating and all you’ll need is proof of it.

4. Her Social Networks Are Important As Well

When you think about it, it is pretty complex to use social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and all the messaging apps that she might be using. However, checking what she posts and likes might be helpful. If she started, for example, posting pictures of her in a bikini – which she never liked doing before – you might want to consider why she is doing it.

5. Did Her Attitude Change?

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Now, you should not only think about your girlfriend for this tip but, you should also think about yourself. Are you trying to be the best boyfriend that you can possibly be? Are you being kind and loving? Sometimes, people do not cheat at all, instead they start feeling less enthusiastic about your relationship that can cause you to feel suspicious.

6. Paranoia Might Be a Sign

In some situations, an individual who is cheating on their partner or who started being interested in another person projects their own intentions on the other person in their relationship. Hence, if she gets often paranoid about you cheating on her, you might want to talk with her to see what is going on or what are your doing to make her think you are being unfaithful.

7. Change Up Your Schedule

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If you are thinking that your partner is cheating on you in the apartment you share, you can try changing your schedule. Now, you might be wondering, why do I need to do this? Well, it is one of the easiest ways to catch her cheating. You can, for example, come home earlier from work or you can come back for your lunch break because you “forgot” your phone charger. By doing so, you might actually be able to catch her in the act.

8. If You Don’t Find Anything, Stop

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Last on our list, but the most important thing is to stop looking if you do not find anything. Instead of looking further and simply wasting time, determine what is going wrong in your relationship and then focus on and try to make things better or end it if you think that you cannot fix things with your partner.

Some of the things that you can opt for doing include talking more and sharing your feeling, going on more dinner dates that are fun and interesting, listening to what she actually likes and then doing those things with her, and you should also bring home small surprises like flowers and chocolates just to make her smile.


As you can see, there is a wide range of secret ways that you can utilize for catching your cheating girlfriend. Of course, before you opt for any of the ways mentioned in the list above, you might want to consider talking to your partner first, just because it could save you a lot of time and nerves.

So, now that you know what you can choose, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you might want to go back to the beginning of this article, go through the list once again, and then determine what method you might use in order to stop worrying.