Casinos are attractive and addictive, this is because they are designed in such a manner to hook people inside them. Entering a casino feels like you have entered a completely different world, where everything is about games and money.

But the question here is, how casinos are so compelling and how they trick you to invest more time and more money in gambling. Thus, this article will unfold some of the techniques that casinos use to attract and hook players, and disconnect them from the outside world.

1. Casinos refrain you from seeing the outside world

If you have ever visited a casino, then you might be aware of its ambience. The ambience of casinos is usually dark, they use dim and dark lights on the ceiling and the floors have black-coated tiles or marble. This is one way of fascinating people as the dark ambience that they create looks appealing.

Moreover, the décor and the lights of the casinos are the same throughout the day, so no matter what time you visit a casino, you can’t differentiate between day and night. This technique is used to keep the players engaged in the game for long hours without making them realize the time.

2. Casinos don’t put up a clock


As said, casinos don’t make you realize the time; this is because casinos don’t use clocks inside their ambience which makes you lose track of time. Thus, players don’t notice the time, and what hour of the day it is.

Players keep on investing their money in gambling to keep trying their luck. This strategy has yielded wonderful profit-making opportunities for offline casinos. Hence, when you compare then playing at online casinos, like eclbet is better, as you get to keep track of time, which is important.

3. Casinos show up big celebrations

Another way of attracting and engaging the players is using big celebration techniques. Whenever someone wins at a casino, the screen flashes saying congratulations, along with the sound blaring in the background and lots of money coming out of the slot machines.

This attracts other players’ attention, so even if they are not winning, they don’t give up on playing. When they see other players winning, it gives them hope that they can win as well.

4. Casinos provide loyalty options


Casinos have a tendency to translate small wins into big wins by giving out lots of loyalty and reward options to the players. However, you might not win enough but they will portray that you have made a huge amount of money which creates a misconception.

Moreover, casinos offer loyalty on small wins to attract players, so if you win in your first game, then you will have free meals or drinks. Likewise, casinos design their strategy to pull more crowds towards them.

5. Casinos offer room service on board

To keep the players stuck at casinos, many casinos offer free rooms to the players who spend more money on gambling. They offer meals and luxurious rooms stay in, which doesn’t allow the players to step out of the casino. Thus, when a player wakes up the next day, there are more chances of gambling. Besides, for getting luxuries, many players willingly spend a lot of money on gambling which keeps the owner a profit.

6. Casino’s floor is like a maze


You will never find straight paths at casinos, rather the floor will look like a maze which insists the player take steps to try every game as he/she wanders. Moreover, the floors are designed in a way which makes it difficult for the insiders to find a way towards the exit, casinos do this intentionally to keep the player stuck in the ambience preventing him/her from easily moving out from the casino.

7. Casinos offer free drinks in every round

This is the most powerful way of indulging players at casinos. Drinks are obviously something that you will expect in a casino, but it gets great when drinks are offered for free.

Many casinos use this strategy to hold the players inside, they offer a free round of drinks which makes the player more involved in the game. Moreover, by providing waiter and waitress tips anyone can easily get free drinks. Thus, drinks are a common and potential way of making people more involved in gambling.


The ambience of a casino is something that you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s their unique strategy to appeal to more and more players for gambling. Besides, when somebody enters the casino, it is hard to exit from the surroundings, as everything is designed in a manner that looks very intriguing.

Also, casinos offer several kinds of luxury services to the players that make it harder for them to escape. Typically, for these reasons casinos are able to make more money, as this is the business strategy that they play to hook and crook their customers.