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Gambling represents one of the most widespread types of entertainment for a long time. We can find casinos all over the world, especially in places that are attractive to tourists. While the most popular destination for people who prefer gambling is Las Vegas in the United States, there are also many other cities where you can enjoy various games, especially in Europe. Even though land casinos became less popular in recent years because of online gambling, they still are very attractive, and most professional players would rather choose to play there. On the other hand, online casinos like thefirkintavern offer you convenience and the ability to play games from home, which is one of the main reasons why online casinos became so popular in recent years.

However, for many people, the unique experience is a major reason why they would rather visit some land casino instead of playing online. Casinos in Europe are not as limited as in the United States, and you can find them in almost every city. Also, some cities are largely popular for big casino resorts. Here are the most popular casino destinations in Europe.


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London has a long history related to casinos and betting houses. Also, this city has amazing architecture and many museums along with other attractions. In that matter, it attracts a lot of tourists. When it comes to gambling, you can choose from many popular resorts like Genting, The Hippodrome, Grosvenor, Palm Beach, Horizons, and more. Moreover, if you are not interested in placing big bets, you visit some places in North London like Admiral, Coral, or Casino Bit. If you are interested in poker, there around 100 tables available in this city.


The capital of Germany is getting more popular over years, and rich culture and nightlife are the main reasons for that. Along with many hotels and nightclubs, it is not a surprise that there are a lot of gaming houses in this city as well. While there are not so many of them like in some other big cities, casinos in Berlin can offer a decent selection of games with near 800 machines, over 30 tables for live games. The best casinos are Spiel bank, Spiel Halle, and Merkur. The Spiel Bank is the biggest one, with over 300 slot machines.


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Cannes represents one of the most attractive traveler destinations in France. While it is most popular for its famous movie festival, there are also many other attractions like La Croisette, Old Town, Eglise Notre-Dame, Musée de la Castre, public beach, and much more. For such a popular place, it is not a surprise that you can find many great casinos. You can play slots on near 700 machines, while there are over 60 live tables as well. The most popular gambling resorts are De La Pointe Croisette, Royal, Barriere Le Croisette, and Les Princes.


The capital of France is one of the most popular cities in the world. Also, it is considered as of the most romantic places, which is the main reason why so many couples would choose it for their honeymoon or a vacation. You can enjoy many attractions like the famous Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, and much more. People who are interested in gambling can have a great time here as well, with a wide selection of great casinos. Some of the most popular ones are JOA Royale, Casino de Paris, Cerus Academy, Soiree, Nouveau, Cercle Wagram, and more.


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Portugal represents one of the most popular destinations in Europe because of its unique architecture and culture. The most interesting thing about Lisbon is the great contrast between some parts of the city, especially the old town with palaces and museums and the modern center. Some of the most popular places are Alfama District, National Museum, Oriental Museum, Story Center, Basilica da Estrela, and many more. When it comes to gambling, this city has the biggest casino in Europe, the Casino Lisboa, where you can choose between over 1,000 slot machines or play poker and blackjack on over 25 tables. Other popular land casinos are Estoril and Troia.


Estonia became a very popular destination after it became a part of the European Union. This country is developing very fast, and it is interesting to see a great contrast between modern architecture and older buildings from the era when this country was a part of the Soviet Union. Having near 5 million visitors each year is amazing considering that Tallinn only has a population of around 500,000 people. With the rise in popularity, there is also a big increase in casinos, which are mostly placed as part of big hotels. There are over 30 casinos in Tallinn, and the most popular are Hilton, Kalev, Swissotel, Olympic Park, Olybet, and more.

Monte Carlo

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This city has the same status in Europe as Las Vegas has in the United States in terms of gambling and the selection of casinos. The main difference is that gambling resorts in Monte Carlo require a classy dress code, and their promotion is much more different than in any other place. They emphasize elegance and glamour, which offers players a unique experience like in no other place. There are 4 big casinos in this city, where you can choose between around 1,000 slot machines, and near 100 live tables. Casino de Monte Carlo is the most popular one.

Last Words

There is a big difference between the culture in Europe and the United States, while casino districts in the US try to attract people with big neon signs, loud music, and a great atmosphere, most places in Europe are focusing on providing people with comfort and make them feel classy while gambling. That is the main reason why you will see that most people in European casinos would wear elegant clothes and be quieter during gambling. If you ever gambled in the United States, the experience in Europe will be completely different and unique.