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Cardio might not seem a fun thing to do unless you are one of those weirdo runners who enjoy running for hours. Let’s be true here. Most of us consumers struggle to go to the gym, and even if we get the motivation to do so, most of us brawl to get through the first 30 minutes of cardio. However, if you are smart about your cardio training equipment, you can burn a lot more calories in less time. So, instead of jumping for hours using your usual elliptical machine, here we have put together some better options for your home gym that are easily available at the market and will give the motivation and results that you long for.

1. Treadmill

Unlike the other cardio equipment, a treadmill enables one to move the body in a way the body is meant to be moved. This beast is inexpensive, unlike other pieces of equipment, and can be fun overall. On top of everything, it is super easy to use. All you have to do is to plug in the machine and adjust the speed. For extra fun, let go of the handle and do some real workout.

2. Air Runner

If you have tried a treadmill and it doesn’t work for you, air runner is the innovation you need in your home gym. A traditional thirty-minute jog on a treadmill might not give you the same results as a high-intensity workout with this curved tread. The machine is specifically designed for sprinting and is motor-free to be powered by your steps. On top of that, there is no maximum or minimum speed, so if you are a bit extra motivated today, try a set of 40 fast 15-sec sprints followed by 15-sec rest intervals in between.

3. Assault AirBike

Although it looks like a piece of cake to climb on one of these air bikes, most people can not climb off this equipment without saying it was super easy. The assault air bike is a no stationary motorbike with a fan in the front to provide air resistance while you pedal your legs. The harder you pedal, the higher the resistance gets, thus burning tons of calories in a less amount of time. The perfect way to use this piece of equipment in your home gym is to sprint for 15 seconds with a 15 seconds interval in between. That’s round one. Do a minimum of six for maximum results.

4. Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Bike

Schwinn’s line of bikes is specifically designed for those body freaks who want to engage in a high-intensity cardio workout. This equipment is a resistance air-bike that gives you a greater sense of power; with each attacking pedal, you will feel a stronger response from the bike. This air bike comes with little comforts like cup-holders that you will be thankful for while resting and gulping down water.

5. Concept2 Rowing Machine

This machine is perfectly designed for a heart-hammering workout. It requires extreme aerobic endurance to do a workout on this machine, and it requires a coordinated effort from both the upper and lower body. Another benefit of this equipment is that it is low impact, so it provides you with the same amount of cardio benefits without tiring your joints. The machine provides resistance, which means that one can work as hard as possible and can still maintain a smooth ride.

6. Schwinn 470 EllipticaL

While most people don’t opt for this piece of equipment for their home gym, the elliptical can provide you with a great cardio workout and burn tons of fat if you push yourself a little and adjust its settings properly. The machine comes with syncing options so that you can sync your phone with the company’s app and cycle through different courses. It comes with 29 different workout modes and 25 different resistance settings to make the workout effective and worth doing.

7. X22i Incline Trainer

This high technology treadmill offers 40 percent incline and comes with a shock-absorbent running surface. In addition to this, the treadmill has 12000 guided workouts that you can easily perform. On this machine, you might get tired due to a high-intensity workout but will probably never get bored.

8. Pro Skier

The NordicTrack Pro Skier updates your traditional classical workout into a cross-country skiing experience. The new addition to your home gym will allow you to practice your skiing indoors, providing fluid movement with its smooth flywheel structure. This piece of equipment comes with an adjustable arm resistance for a customized workout in addition to an LCD display to track the distance, pulse rate, calories burned, and much more.

9. Zero Runner ZR7

A perfect tool for a low impact cardio workout in your home gym. The zero runner ZR7 is particularly designed for replicating running, walking, and jogging with putting a strain on your joints, thus helping you to shred weight without pounding on your joints. It allows a large range of motion and a stride length of up to 58 inches. The Bluetooth connectivity also enables you to track your workout stats, including the calories burned and heart rate.

10. Jacob’s Ladder Step Machine

Climbing a ladder might not seem like a tough workout. But imagine a leader going up and up and never stopping. The ascent can become a high-intensity workout. This is the idea behind Jacob’s Ladder step machine that is self-paced and puts you on a 40-degree angle to take off the stress from your lower back and engage core muscles.

Now that you are educated about the various types of cardio machines and their advantages, you are free to go out and choose the best pieces of equipment for your home gym that will lead you to achieve a healthy lifestyle and help you shred the extra pounds.