As more and more people become acquainted with cannabis and the benefits it can provide, the stigma surrounding cannabis consumption starts to fade away. However, with more cannabis products on the market than ever before, it can be difficult for new users to decide which ones to choose and most importantly what consumption methods they should opt for.

While cannabis derived products enjoy a great popularity nowadays, there’s still a lack of knowledge on the topic that can create confusion amongst consumers. People need to get educated in this respect, so they can avoid common mistakes and choose what is best for them.

And since knowledge is power, we’re here to provide a basic introduction to cannabis consumption methods. Cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways, so if you’re feeling a bit confused about it, here is a short guide that will shed some light on the topic and help you make an informed decision.

1. Inhalation


Inhalation is probably the oldest and most common method to consume cannabis, and it can be done in two different ways: through smoking and vaping.

Smoking implies lighting the cannabis flower and inhaling the smoke into your lungs, and there are various ways to do that as well. If you want to smoke cannabis, you can opt for pipes, bongs, joints or blunts. However, depending on the smoking method you choose, there are also health risks you need to be aware of. You can learn more here about the risks associated with smoking blunts and the healthier alternatives you can try instead.

A lot of users who like to smoke cannabis choose pipes as they are small, compact and portable, so they provide a greater level of convenience. They’re also easy to use, making them one of the most hassle-free consumption methods out there.

Bongs and water pipes in general are also highly common amongst cannabis users. They offer a slightly more refined cannabis smoking experience, but whether they’re healthier than pipes or not it remains debatable.

Joint and blunts are somewhat similar, as they both imply rolling cannabis into paper. However, blunts replace the basic rolling paper with cigar paper, meaning they also contain nicotine, so users who choose blunts are exposed to the same health risks as average cigarette smokers.

Vaping differs from smoking in that the cannabis flower or concentrate is heated by a device, transforming the active ingredients into vapors that are then inhaled. Vaping methods include using devices such as vaporizers, vape pens or dabbing. Vaping is generally considered healthier than smoking, although there are health risks associated with vaping as well.

The vaping device one chooses to use depends on various aspects. For example, vaporizers work just as well with cannabis concentrates and cannabis flowers. On the other hand, vape pens can only be used with concentrates or cannabis distillates. So, this consumption method also depends on the types of products one prefers.

2. Oral delivery


Cannabis products that are specifically made for oral delivery can be separated into two categories: edibles and tinctures.

Edibles include all cannabis products that you can eat or drink, such as beverages, baked goods, gummy bears etc. Cannabis manufacturers that produce edibles are getting more creative by the day, so by the time you read this article, new edibles will have hit the market.

One can find cannabis chocolate, brownies, cookies, root beer, smoothies and countless other cannabis-based products that provide quite a delicious consumption method. Even pets can enjoy cannabis edibles nowadays. It should be mentioned that edibles don’t provide an immediate effect, as they take time to be broken down and digested. The effects usually set in after 20 minutes from consumption, but it can take up to three hours to experience them.

Tinctures, which are a liquid cannabis extract, provide a very simple and straightforward consumption method. You have to place a few drops of tincture under your tongue (dosage varies from person to person) and let them get absorbed slowly into the body. If you don’t want to wait for too long, you can swallow the rest of the liquid after a while. This will lead to dual absorption, as part of the cannabis will be absorbed sublingually, while the rest will be absorbed through the digestive tract. The effects of cannabis tinctures are usually felt within 15 minutes of the administration.

3. Topical delivery


Last but not least you can also use cannabis topically, so you won’t actually consume cannabis but rather absorb the cannabis compounds though your skin. Topical administration implies applying cannabis products such as oils, gels, creams, salves, lotions or balms directly on the skin where they can provide localized effects. So, if you’re in need of localized relief for issues like muscle aches or soreness, topical cannabis may provide a suitable option.

There are also many skincare brands that created special cannabis lines to address a variety of skin concerns, from dullness and irritation, to acne, inflammation and more. While there are limited studies to prove the positive effects that cannabis products can have on skin, a lot of people swear by cannabis creams and lotions, so there might be some truth to it after all.

Final thoughts


There’s no such thing as an ideal consumption or delivery method when it comes to cannabis. Since we are all different and we have different needs, what might work for you might not work for another and the other way around. Each consumption method has both pros and cons, and besides the specific needs of the user, it also depends largely on personal preference.

So, before you decide on a consumption method, make sure you read as much as possible on the topic, get your information from trusted sources and take into account both the advantages and the disadvantages. Then, after you’ve done thorough research, you can choose a consumption method and see what works best for you.

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