After one of the biggest seasons in League of Legends history has come to an end – the popularity has hit another mark like never before. You’re now ready to buy an account and start fresh with a clean MMR.

You seem a little confused and haven’t done this before, have you?

Not to worry – we are here to bring you the best tutorial on how to buy a rock-solid League of Legends new account. After reading our ‘Buy a LoL Account 101 Guide,’ you will be ready to become the biggest merchant there is.

Let’s begin the action and get to the point.

Why do You Need a New League of Legends Account


Are you back into gaming after quite a while, and you can’t remember your password?

Well, that’s a shame! Level 30 is so far away, and you want to get back on track and start the ranked grind once again immediately.

Getting a brand new League of Legends account is simple, even if you’ve forgotten your password and don’t have the means to retrieve it. Or maybe you just want to continue with the squad but you haven’t played for quite a while and don’t have the desired champions to try.

On another note, maybe you’ve lost your internet connection more than once, and now your account is either banned, has a low-priority queue, or has catastrophic MMR. Buying a new LoL account will clear all of these issues for you – you can immediately start playing ranked games, buy your favorite champions, and rank up higher because new accounts arrive with a clear MMR.

Another reason to buy a LoL account is changing the region, getting the desired rare skins you don’t want to spend too much money on, giving a present to a friend, etc.

The solution is easy for all of these reasons – either open an account and reach level 30 yourself or buy a new League of Legends account with enough Blue Essence to purchase your desired champions.

The road to level 30 is time-consuming, though, and you’d be wise to think about spending 150 games getting your smurf account ranked ready. Grab the cheapest League of Legends accounts with the lowest price and plenty of Blue Essence and start executing your enemies.

Follow up on how to do that efficiently.

Good Places to Get New League of Legends Accounts


There are plenty of marketplaces to get your new League of Legends account and spice up your gaming collection, and we will show you the shortcuts.

The following were the sites where we had the best experience so far. By visiting them, you will find hand-leveled smurfs, cheap ranked accounts, rare skin accounts, big division ranked accounts, and so on.

1. UnrankedSmurfs is one of the safest places for players to acquire a LoL account without fear of getting banned. This service gives new smurf accounts with plenty of Blue Essence so you can jump straight into the ranked queue with your favorite champions and roles. You can use this account to start fresh or simply play ranked games with your lower-division pals because it has a clean ranking history.

You may pick your chosen area and role when purchasing an account from this service, and some accounts come with ultimate/legendary/epic skins. The pricing at this site is average, which means you’ll receive good value for your money. Furthermore, if you have any problems with your account after purchasing it, this website is happy to exchange it as soon as possible.

They offer some of the quickest transactions and are one of the safest marketplaces to get a League of Legends account. They also provide secure payment options and the most up-to-date encryption technology to ensure that their clients’ information is kept private and secure.

2. Mmogah


MmoGah first appeared on the scene in 2006 as a leading contender for selling gaming accounts, and it still holds the top spot today! This site sells League of Legends smurf accounts with 30-60k Blue Essence that just reached level 30.

This business has won the confidence of gamers over the years, and they don’t have to worry about getting scammed because their account will become available as soon as the transaction is completed. MmoGah accepts various payment options, with transaction times varying based on the one you pick.

Nonetheless, MmoGah ensures that you will never have to wait more than 24 hours.

Because many gamers choose to buy accounts instead of leveling them up themselves, MmoGah’s supply can occasionally be an issue. This implies you’ll have to wait for someone to decide to sell their account before you can buy it. So, if you want to acquire one, be sure to visit the site frequently, so you don’t miss out.

MmoGah sells accounts for as little as 2-4 Euros, which implies that even if your account is blocked, you can always buy a new one at such a low price.

3. iGVault

iGVault is one of the largest LoL account trading sites we’ve come across, with a huge selection of accounts to choose from. When we say enormous, we’re talking about roughly 39k account options immediately available and come with a warranty. The cheapest ones, which have recently reached level 30 with 70k Blue Essence, cost roughly $9 per account.

The costs vary since there are so many categories and accounts to pick from. We discovered that most of these accounts are leveled and played by genuine gamers, which reduces the likelihood of getting banned.

Buying Process


The buying process is just like any other on the internet.

  • Choose a secure marketplace that sells League of Legends accounts;
  • Choose an account that suits you the most;
  • Choose a payment method;
  • Complete the transaction;
  • Enjoy playing ranked games once you receive the account.

That’s all! Purchasing an account is simple; staying away from scam sites is the hard part. Choose any of the sites we mentioned and you will rest assured that your account will arrive safe and sound.

Godspeed, Summoner!