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Imagine a lazy Sunday afternoon, snuggling in the room and watching your favorite shows and movies with friends and family. This does not have to be a dream anymore, since we did some research on how to build your own cinema, in your home. This room can be dedicated to the movie time and be a refuge in lazy and stressful days. 

Where will it be?

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Before diving into creating the room, you will firstly need to choose the room that will serve this purpose. Be sure that the room size and location are suitable for this project since it will need to be big enough to accommodate seating and other desired products, as well as not filled with daylight since it may ruin the effect. Some suggest that the attic or basement may be ideal for something like this, due to the low amount of light and the possibility of being darkened easily.


If you are planning a cinema room, it is essential to be isolated from other rooms, so make sure you do some insulation in order to make it soundproof. This is important since with the sound barrier the room will bounce the sound over the room, and direct it towards the ones in the room, instead of letting it spread through the house. In addition to this, the sound barrier will prevent the sound from interfering with other household members. 

Sound system

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One of the most important things in this room will be making a surround sound system. This can be done alongside the insulation and the position is very important for the effect. When it comes to the sound system, choose the one that is the best you can afford and you will not regret it. Many would opt to DIY the setup themselves, as there are incredible individual pieces that you can put together to create one home theatre audio setup. A combination of a powerful Vizio soundbar (see top choices here), thunderous Sony subwoofers, and Bose surround sound speakers can be easily set up together with an amazing outcome. Speaking of location, the speakers should be located all around the seats, and this means in from of the screen, on both sides of the screen in the height of the head, on the sidewalls, and behind the viewing area.

If positioned in this manner the sound will be all around the viewers and it will provide the cinema effect, as well as make the movie watching more pleasant and realistic. This is why making the room soundproof is important, cause we want the sound to go towards the center of the room, towards the viewers and not to be lost in the surroundings and walls. 

Do the wiring 

Set all the wires to be underneath the layer of insulation or the last layer you are putting. This will prevent the room from looking like a warehouse and give sophisticated feelings to the whole project. Think ahead and put wires for the sound system, projector, and lighting. This includes different types of cables so make sure you do get them all and in the right places. 

Add drywalls

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Once all the wires are in place, and the sound barriers it is time for a final touch; placing panels on the walls hiding the wires and cables. Do not forget to drill holes for the light, and carriers for the projector and sound system. It is important to do this prior to the walls hanging so you don’t need to guess where the cables are and drill more holes than needed.

Setting the systems

After the walls are in place it is time to put sound system and video equipment. We have already discussed the sound system, and it should be seven plus one systems, with one main speaker and seven small ones to go around the room. Five plus one will do the trick as well. Be very demanding of the speakers, since the sound quality should be best possible. Put the canvas and projector in place and set it up. You can add lights, computers to set the movies on, and other necessities. Check out alltoptenbest and order the ones you need, all in one place, now. 

Interior design

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Once the main things are set, it is time for seating. It is evident that you will need chairs that are mimicking the ones in the cinema, so make sure to get ones that fit into the room as well as in the number you need. If you are searching for something less conventional, you can pick seating that can be transformed into beds, or use lazy bags and couches, depending on the idea you have for this room. 


Last but not least are details, you may add some things that will make this cinema experience true to the name. This, of course, means popcorns. You may find popcorn machines on the market with low prices and make them an essential part of your room. The smell of popcorns will add up to the whole cinema experience. In addition to this, movie posters may be put on the walls and make it look like more cinema-like.

Also, if you are a fan of sodas and candies, both of these machines may be available with fair prices online, so you can look them up on alltoptenbest. When it comes to this room, you may add some additional features, such as PS4 or any other gaming console of preference, making this room not only cinema but as well as a playroom. With wireless joysticks and may games to choose from this will for sure become the most visited and loved room in the house.


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When it comes to making one of the rooms in the house a home cinema room, it is not as hard as it seems if you follow the mentioned advice. It is good to think and choose the location wisely in order to make the best of the whole room and as well as not to disturb any household members. The room should be isolated and have sound barriers in order to provide true cinema experience. Setting the cables underneath the walls will make the room look more polished. Set up the sound system of choice and with great quality, and add the video system as well. Add additional details and seating and the movie night may begin.

When it comes to making one of the rooms in the house a home cinema room, it is not as hard as it seems if you follow the mentioned advice or by clicking here.