In every activity in life, there are people who have basic knowledge, who are good at something, and who are real experts in what they do. Gaming is no exception, and if we look at the facts, e-sports are already recognized as a traditional sport, and tournaments are held worldwide. What is worth mentioning is that whether it is World of Warcraft, League of Legends, or a similar action video game, there are people who can earn serious money from their activities. They can be professional boosters and offer their services to the less experienced or to those who want to achieve more in a shorter time or to pass a level of the game faster.

As you know, one of the most popular games in the world is World of Warcraft. Although it is really old and has a very long tradition, the number of active and loyal users is seriously large, which means that the interest still exists today, just before the end of 2024, we are writing on that topic. Also, the existence of boost services proves that the story of WoW, but also of other similar games is not ready and it can be best seen at

Many will wonder if it is worth investing money in boosters and carry services, and the answer depends on whether you are an expert who works in such a provider or you are a potential customer, or an enthusiast who wants to progress, regardless of the money.

Therefore, it would be fair to look at profitability from both perspectives – as a professional and as a gamer.

For gamers


Let’s see all the potential advantages of you, as a gamer, using boost and carry services, and paying for them with your own money.

1. You can progress faster

If your goal is fast progress, and you yourself can not devote a long time and a lot of attention, then these services are worth investing in. However, it is up to you to make the decision but to define in advance what your goal is and why you want it. Detect your weaknesses so you can choose which way you want to move forward.

2. You get great service for the price

Different boosters have different prices, and they are formed depending on what you want to get. Sometimes they go in a package, and sometimes you can even choose what you need. If you do not know or are not sure, you can always contact an agent who works in the service, so that he can give you a suitable offer. The other option is to be careful and choose from ready-made offers, buy and wait for it all to be completed.

3. You can get benefits as a loyal customer

Of course, you have to play the part of the game yourself and if necessary, contact an agent from such a service. It’s the best you can do on your own, with your skills and strategy. But if you are a frequent user of carrying services, you can at some point get some benefits and use them to get something more, even in moments when you do not feel that you can afford to pay a lot of money for it.

For booster professionals


If you get a chance to give such a service and earn from it, but you doubt, these are some of the benefits that you would have in both personal and professional benefit:

1. Good extra earnings

Some people are fully committed to the games, but others do it part-time, when they can, in order to make money from the number of services sold. No matter what your goal is, even if you have a regular job, extra money in the home budget can never hurt – on the contrary, in difficult times we live in, every dollar is welcome in the household.

2. You have a chance to become a professional

If you work with the best and learn from them, and at the same time help someone to become better, then you are on the right path to be not only a professional but also an expert in a certain action game. It can make you a respected user in that small community, to be in demand, and of course, it can positively affect the additional income, but also the development of your career.

3. You can easily find new collaborators

If you’re expanding your network as a professional, the time spent investing in learning how to play a game will certainly pay off. It is quite normal that you have used the same services yourself, from those who are better than you. Only then can you make progress in what you do and make gaming profitable in the long run.

Advantages of these services


As you know, for something to go well and without obstacles, it pays. So it is with the boost and carries services you use to be faster in the game. Unsurprisingly, the advantages of these services are the speed with which you complete tasks, the progress of the game, the building of the character, the improvement of the equipment you have, as well as the participation in the special episodes and the victory in them. That way, you yourself as a player may not achieve much, but you get a high ranking with which you can flex in front of others.


Many will try to impose some kind of conscience on you if you try to help advance your game. However, know that you are not doing this by fraud, but you are investing some of your own money, which you have decided to spend. If the criteria match the amount you are willing to pay, then that service is worth the money and you should not let someone else decide for you. Even if you give up the idea, the decision should be yours and remember it well. You are the one who decides if something is worth the money, so do that without giving a second thought to what the others say.