Blackjack is the sort of simple card game that most people understand and enjoy playing. Yet, there are some simple tips for blackjack success that you might be missing.

The following are some of the keys to success for you to bear in mind whenever you play.

1. Try to Beat the Dealer Instead of Focusing on 21

Focusing solely on trying to reach 21 is a common error in blackjack. Remember that the key objective in blackjack is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going bust. This means that you could win with 15 or 16, or lose with 19 or 20.

You should always look to see what the dealer has as their first card before deciding your strategy. The stronger their card, the more aggressive you may need to be to try and beat them.

2. Know When to Hit or Stand


Following on from the previous point, not everyone knows that a lot of work has gone into working out the best possible approach with each hand you are dealt. These decisions are contained in documents that show you basic blackjack strategy, and they are vital for making the right decisions most of the time.

Hitting and standing at the optimal times doesn’t mean that you will win every hand. But it does mean that you will be making the most of the opportunities presented to you and maximizing your weaker hands too.

3. Split Out Aces and 8s

The option of splitting out the hand might seem too advanced for some players, but it is a good way of trying to squeeze more value out of the card you are dealt. There are a couple of different solutions where splitting your first 2 cards into different hands is particularly useful.

The first is when you get 2 aces, as this is a powerful card on its own but not so good when you have a couple of them. Even better is the decision to split out 8s, as a hand of 16 is weak but a hand with a single 8 in it is pretty good.

4. Double Down at the Right Times


Doubling down is another advanced strategy that you might be wary of at first, but that makes a lot of sense in certain situations. This is a tactic that you will want to use when you feel confident of winning with one more card.

Most experts suggest that 11 is a good hand to double down on, with hands of between 16 and 18 with an ace in them also worth playing in this way. It increases the risk, as you are doubling the stake, but it also brings the chance of double the win.

5. Avoid Blackjack Insurance

The insurance option can be tempting, as it means that you are paid out at a rate of 2 to 1 if the dealer gets a hand of 21 with their first 2 cards. Analysis of the numbers confirms that you are most likely to lose on insurance bets in the long run, though.

It may make sense if the dealer has an ace as their face-up card, as there is now a pretty good chance of them making blackjack. This is especially true if you have a strong hand of your own with a total of at least 15.

6. Choose Your Stake Wisely


Blackjack isn’t the sort of casino game where you look for giant wins. To find out more visit Bovada website here:

Instead, you are trying to beat the house edge by winning more regularly than you lose. The amount that you stake is one of the most crucial aspects in doing this.

For example, with small wager amounts, you can expect to carry on playing for longer and look to come out ahead in this way. If you opt for larger bet sizes, you will probably be hoping to get some big wins early on before cashing out.

7. Avoid Side Bets

Side bets add some extra excitement to blackjack games, but they also offer a poor return when compared to the main game. What you need to bear in mind is that side bets such as Perfect Pairs and 21+3 give bigger payouts than the main game of blackjack, although they also come along less frequently.

There is less skill or strategy in the side bets too, as you are simply relying upon the first cards to be drawn giving you a winning combination.

8. Look for a High RTP


The previous point about side bets leads us to the return to player (RTP) aspect of blackjack. This is a percentage that lets us see how generous a casino game is, and blackjack gets closer to a 100% return than most other games, with the side bets RTP trailing behind.

The fact that it has a high RTP means that you could consider using progressive strategies like Fibonacci and Martingale to try and tip the balance in your favor over an entire playing session.

Final Thoughts

These are eight ways to achieve higher success on blackjack. Remember that after all it is still a game of luck, and you will need your fair share.

Still, the goal is to beat the dealer, so avoid side bets and focus on the main objective. Stay concentrated and get up from the table when you feel you have earned enough to make it a day or if you are on a losing streak to avoid losing more.

Wage responsibly and keep your mind in the game but also be aware of your financial possibilities. Don’t gamble what you don’t have and do not play the game if you are not having fun and enjoy the thrill of it.

Like all casino games, blackjack is an addictive game, that involves risks. Please, be aware of them and avoid falling into traps that will make the experience non enjoyable.

Play blackjack online with full comfort or visit a land based casino with friends and take advantage of the atmosphere.