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When the year is coming to an end, many people strive for changes and purchases. Small businesses should be ready: be sure to prepare promotions and other interesting offers that may interest the target audience in advance. Early in winter, it’s not just retailers who benefit; brands that sell products online enjoy significant profit as well. These include such directions as decor items for the party season, foodstuff, or holiday gifts.

Whether you didn’t start the marketing campaign toward the great holiday shopping week, the time is now. It doesn’t matter what business’ niche you’re in, whether you sell online, it’s better to take the benefits of that profitable time of November called Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this article, we want to walk you through what you should be doing to get your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing off to a wonderful start at the right time.

For businesses, the highest sales growth is on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These days, you can not only boost your sales growth but multiply the annual profit as well. These days the purchase volume reaches an unprecedented level, and considering the quarantine measures, this year online orders may become even more popular.

1. Inspiration for your own Black Friday-Cyber Monday campaigns

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To boost the sales volume regardless of the activity field, you need to plan all the activities in advance that will help your business during promotion campaigns taking place around the world. The first step is to choose cyber Monday sales tools, which will help potential users to find out about the most interesting offers in your company. For this, you should:

  • Create a database of your clients’ contacts. This will help you to reach more of the target audience. You can offer every user who visits your website or studies information about the company on social networks to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Create a landing page that will help to attract potential customers. When visiting the website, clients will be able to leave personal information and answer questions about their preferences, which will help to make them the most attractive offer.
  •  Select the marketing infrastructure. This will help you to send mail-outs that will be automated and sent to a large number of potential customers.
  • Create a mailing out calendar. Sending messages at a scheduled time will help to increase traffic.

Keep in mind that one advertising message won’t be enough for the black Friday marketing strategy. You need to send newsletters on a regular basis, containing the most popular promotions and offers of interest for every client.

2. Ready, set, go – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here!

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During the holidays, competition in every field significantly increases. Marketing makes it possible for you to determine the most promising channels to communicate with your target audience. By combining the selected tools with mass mailing out, you can trigger 100% interest from customers.

The most popular Black Friday marketing idea for small business advertising is paying attention to every customer when making a purchase. Therefore, this aspect can also be used for mass mailing out. Use Atompark software for bilk SMS sending! You won’t be able to send a personal email for every client, but various tools allow you to personalize the content in the newsletters sent:

  • address the user personally;
  • celebrate important dates – congratulate your clients with birthdays or other holidays; you may include festive product range from the website in such an email;
  • offer products that are a perfect match for the purchases made;
  • offer to take part in promotional campaigns or receive promo codes that will enable to buy products much cheaper;
  • send notifications about the beginning of the major sales, including creative black Friday campaigns.

Most customers will visit the website searching for gifts shortly before the promotional offers. Therefore, you should review the product range carefully and leave the most useful and interesting items for the first glance, so that the user doesn’t have to look through the whole catalog searching for a gift.

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Don’t forget that the best marketing channel is social networks. Many users spend plenty of time studying posts on popular social networks or messengers. Therefore, it is important to create your brand’s page and publish the most black Friday top-selling items that can attract the target audience’s attention.

There are various marketing platforms used to manage social media posts. You can enter all the important information that you want to convey to your customers, and the program will do all the rest for you. This will allow you to save your time and don’t lose your clients’ interest during this extremely tough period.

If a client doesn’t make purchases while on your website, it doesn’t mean that he or she is not interested in your products. The client may leave to other companies searching for a better offer, but don’t get upset with it. Use remarketing advertising that will appear on the pages the user is watching. It will remind the customer about the products he has viewed and gives a chance to return to the visited pages in a single click.

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You can use transactional emails to keep the user interested in your brand. All you need is to automatically configure the mailing out, which will become the first step towards strengthening your relationship with the client. You can send a confirmation notification when a user:

  • registers on your website;
  • places an order;
  • leaves unpurchased goods in the basket;
  • completes the purchase – you can ask for feedback or an opinion on the service quality.

An additional way to increase customer interest is to offer discounts after completing the purchase. This can be a lower delivery price or a bonus for the second purchase – anything that will encourage the buyer to return to your website again.