As one of the most profitable, fastest-growing industries on a global scale, the world of online sports betting offers something for every single bettor out there. As estimated at the beginning of 2024, the sports betting industry has reached a staggering market size of approximately $203 billion in the previous year. It was also estimated the industry employs almost 200 thousand employees across more than thirty-one thousand companies and businesses.

With many new countries opening to legal sports betting activities, the global sports betting industry will grow even more in the following years. This naturally leads to sports betting fans and enthusiasts from all over the globe having more opportunities to make profits from engaging in iGaming activities. There are great sites that provide betting tips for a variety of sports, including basketball, rugby, football, and more. For example, if you’re looking for the ultimate resource to help you find the best bets in college football every day, Doc’s has your back.

It is not a secret that professional, veteran sports bettors turn to such sites to gain valuable insight into some of the most popular sports betting markets. One of those sites is BettingBilly that covers everything you need to know about the sports betting industry including different sports betting markets, betting odds, comparisons between different sports betting sites, expert guides on sports betting, sports picks, mobile sports betting opportunities, and more. Further, we bring you the best betting tips for sports events in 2024.


Make More Successful Bets

The year ahead appears to be packed with a great variety of awesome sports events and loads of great betting options. Some of the most anticipated sports events are coming including cricket, rugby, horse racing, snooker, darts, tennis, golf, basketball, and of course football. Further, we also bring you some of the highly anticipated sports events coming in 2024 that you do not want to miss. We also bring you valuable sports betting tips to make more successful bets all year round.

Baseball Betting Tips

With so many different sports betting markets out there, sports bettors have many different betting opportunities but major events usually offer prop betting, point spreads, futures betting, moneylines, and over/under bets. The biggest baseball league MLB returned on the 1st of April and if you are a baseball fan, you definitely do not want to miss:

  • Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets
  • Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Angels
  • Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox
  • Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves
  • Los Angeles Angels and Houston Astros

Since the biggest baseball league is back, great baseball betting opportunities are also back. While basketball and football are more focused on point spreads, betting on baseball usually revolves around placing moneylines and you usually get to pick the team expected to win or the favorite or the team expected to lose or the underdog. However, betting on a favorite will get you less money while underdog bets always carry bigger payouts.
When it comes to baseball betting, we also recommend you take advantage of underdogs. You also want to shift your focus on divisional underdogs, avoid teasers and parlays, and of course, shop around for the best betting odds. You definitely do not want to bet on the current MLB champion Los Angeles Dodgers as these bets bring no value. Instead, focus on other teams that had decent seasons and hope they can perform some outstanding plays in the current season.

Football Betting Tips

If you are a football fan, you definitely do not want to miss the highly-anticipated Premier League 2024/22 season which as revealed starts on the 14th of August. No matter you being an avid bettor or a newbie, you should not forget about the importance of doing research on your own. Even though many bettors turn to their gut feeling when it comes to making football bets, to make long-term profits, you cannot solely rely on your feelings.


Instead, you need to do your own research; you need to get to know your football teams, review their past performance, draw stats, and of course, keep records. The absence of a certain player in a football team always determined the performance of the team and this is also something to consider before you place your bet. When it comes to football betting, it is also a good idea to take advantage of double bets. These as suggested include wagering on two outcomes in a single match. You also do not want to miss Premier League matches scheduled for May:

  • Manchester United and Leicester
  • West Brom and Liverpool
  • Chelsea and Arsenal
  • Newcastle and Manchester City
  • Chelsea and Leicester
  • Manchester City and Everton

Other Highly-Anticipated Sports Events

As mentioned at the beginning, 2024 is jam-packed with awesome sports events such as the snooker World Championship that starts on the 17th of April and lasts until the 3rd of May, the Valspar Championship that starts on the 29th of April, horse racing Kentucky Derby scheduled for the 30th of April. For cycling fans, Giro d’Italia returns on the 8th of May while golf fans will enjoy awesome sports events at the US PGA Championship that starts on the 20th of May and lasts until the 23rd of May.


Tennis fans cannot wait for the French Open to start on the 23rd of May, while golf fans will be able to place competitive bets on events of the Charles Schwab Challenge and The Memorial Tournament. June is also jam-packed with horse racing events as the Belmont Stakes event returns on the 4th of July. The Epson The Derby and Epson the Oaks return at the beginning of June while one of the biggest football events Euro 2024 is scheduled to start on the 11th of June.

The Copa America starts on the 12th of June while the US Open is scheduled for the 17th of June. The rest of the year also brings amazing sports events including Wimbledon scheduled for the 28th of June, Tour de France, Summer Olympics scheduled for the 23rd of July, while Spain La Liga returns, English Premier League, and Italy Serie A return in September. Regardless of which sport you prefer, the best betting tips to remember are to always do your research, look for the most competitive betting odds, and finally keep an eye on your budget.