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When it comes to eSports, we are referring to multiplayer video events where professional teams are competing with each other. They play computer games, which are based on real time strategies, first person shooters, multi-person battles, or virtual sports. You’ve surely heard about League of Legends, FIFA, Dota 2, and Call of Duty. Meanwhile, CS: GO has become an embodiment of cybersports.

To become part of the CS: GO community, you should find a good bookie first. Every betting site covers a particular market and offers some promotions. Your task is to find the one with the most convenient conditions for yourself. Before you make this choice, learn some details.

1. Choosing a Bookie for CS: GO Betting

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Reliable betting sites like cover a wide range of events. These can be domestic and international competitions conducted between professional players and teams. Some of them offer even more betting options to benefit from. This is why it’s crucial to make the right choice.

Bookies often use the web layout to attract CS: GO enthusiasts. They post all the betting information on the homepage. Many people fall for it just after seeing it. But it is not the right behavior in a situation like this. Some bookies are really shady when it comes to corporate terms and conditions. They hide some nuances from CS: GO players to steal more money from them. To avoid this kind of situation, you should be careful with your choice of a bookie. Stick to the following instructions:

  • Check the bookie’s documents, including official licenses and certificates.
  • Look through the corporate policies to see the bookie’s offering.
  • Take a look at the online reviews left by bookie’s users.
  • Explore the homepage and the available range of services.
  • Make sure that the safety measures featured by the website are efficient.
  • Examine the available payout options.
  • Look for the system of bonuses supported by the website.

After doing all these things, you will know what to expect from the bookie. And you will understand whether the given resource is suitable for you or not. Can it be trusted? What does it offer? How does it keep your data safe? These are only some questions to be answered before you register on the bookie’s website.

Generally, all types of online bookies have their advantages and disadvantages. So, it’s in your very best interest to pay attention to every single detail before putting your money at stake.

2. Fixing CS: GO Matches and Bets 250

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Cybersports has always been open to manipulation more than other sports. Currently, there are more than 50 major alerts of match-fixing due to the growing vulnerability of traditional sports. In the past, match-fixing took place at a low level. With the involvement of bookies, the situation has changed drastically. The annual value of eSports bets makes up almost USD$50,000,000,000. No wonder that it has started encouraging the formation of criminal schemes in the betting field. Believe it or not, criminal gangs often put immense pressure on lower-level teams and players by forcing them to cheat.

Most betting activities take place in China and South Korea, where betting is actually illegal. Why is it the case? Due to the illegal status of betting activities, the national governments don’t have sufficient resources to monitor the gambling and betting spheres. Without proper monitoring, suspicious betting practices become a normal thing to do. For example, the gambling sector is well-regulated in the UK, which makes it much easier for national authorities to detect suspicious betting. In fact, the local operators have more resources to minimize the criminal risks by sticking to the legislative norms.

If you don’t like the idea that your own bets can be affected by cheating, you should try to stick to the bigger outright result markets. The major fixing routine is focused on minor occurrences in an attempt to minimize the detection risks. Eventually, it will be hardly possible to fix the entire match or tournament without it being known.

3. Placing CS: GO Bets

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When it comes to betting, the opportunities get really diverse. Once you make up your mind to join the betting community, you will have to act in a smart way. Don’t try to get everything at once. Instead, follow the step-by-step instructions:

• Step 1. Choose the betting site for registering an account. Most bookies cover various eSports, but not all of them have attractive odds. Before you settle down, you should compare several bookies to choose the one with the best offer.

• Step 2. Place money into your account. Among the offered payment methods, you will be able to pick up one.

• Step 3. Monitor the list of CS: GO events. Once you focus on the specific competition, you will have to choose a team or player to bet on. It won’t hurt to check out the corporate policies and research some data on the upcoming event on the web. Also, check out the recent statistics of teams and players involved in the event.

• Step 4. Place your first and wait for the result. Meanwhile, you will need to keep track of the event not to miss some important updates.

• Step 5. Get the winning credited to your account and cash it out. You will need to use one of the available payment methods once again.
Final Word

The popularity of cypersports keeps growing every year. No one can stop this process. So, we should do our best to get the maximum benefit from it. If you do everything right, you will find extra cash in your pocket sooner than you may assume. To do everything right, you will need a reliable bookie to guide you throughout the betting process. So, make sure to make the process of choosing a bookie seriously. After all, your money is at stake. You will either improve your financial situation or lose everything with just a few clicks. Which way to go, it is up to you.