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Naturally, people who want to invest in the crypto world always look for the ones that can bring them a lot of profit, hence, they choose some of the more popular cryptocurrencies. However, investing in undervalued coins that have long-term potential can turn out to be quite beneficial and profitable for you.

If you are interested in learning what cryptocurrencies are undervalued but have huge potential, you might find this article quite helpful. The text below will feature 7 cryptocurrencies that you can consider investing in during 2024. Let’s look at the list of currencies you can choose:

1Power Ledger Coin, Price: $0.09


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Power Ledger Coin or the POWR token is a currency that concentrates on power selling. By using this program, people who have solar systems can sell the excess energy produced. The systems that people use today are old, hence, this currency does open up new possibilities for individuals.

So, rather than using a power station to provide individuals with power, the company behind this project strives to build an ideal situation where people would purchase or trade electricity from each other. This means that if you have solar boards, you can sell power to people. This is, of course, accomplished by a power grid.

2Sub Token, Price: $0.0042


The objective of this plan is to construct an Internet that is decentralized, honest, and free of charge. Basically, the people in charge of this project want to give users unlimited web access, and the content featured on the net. This idea came from the fact that a wide range of Internet providing companies can decrease the speed or obstruct sites and the content posted on them – and, they can do it legally.

Substratum wants to give users a different type of Internet and by utilizing its public interface, it can allow individuals with a PC that is connected to this particular open interface a chance to distribute the open networks to other PCs. There is so much potential with this project and it has seen a spike in popularity in recent periods.

3Nano Coin, Price: $0.78


First, it is worth mentioning that the primary purpose of this token is to act as a cryptocurrency. It is quite similar to the famous Bitcoin, and the Nano token aspires to grow into a currency that would be used worldwide. One that has quick transactions and no additional expenses. Now, you might be wondering, if it is a Bitcoin replica, why invest in it?

Bitcoin allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without an agent such as a bank. However, it requires people to solve complex equations in order to mine. Well, Nano token does not require mining. Instead, it uses software called block-lattice. Hence, it can perform transactions right away, without additional fees.

4Litecoin, Price $41.33


Litecoin was created as a replica of Bitcoin, and it was nicknamed the silver tokens to the Bitcoin’s golden ones. However, although a lot of people consider it to be a copy of Bitcoin, it is actually quite different. It uses different algorithms, it has a different processing speed for transactions, and there is a token limit.

People can use this currency as an investment possibility, for cross-border transactions without intermediaries, and as a payment method for everyday purchases. Like Bitcoin, it also needs to be mined, which is a method that you need to understand and learn. So, if you need to see how you can mine Litecoins, check out Binaryx.

5Wanchain Token, Price: $0.23


The main purpose of these tokens is to construct a new program that can distribute digital assets that are stored in financial sectors. Now, the main difficulty with the contemporary systems is that it is difficult to transfer the items, especially if the institutions use various blockchain platforms. Hence, this company wants to build a bridge that will allow people to move their money among various platforms.

Besides moving the assets from one company to another, it also has other features as well. It is, for example, quite private and individuals can protect the value they are transferring. It can also manage smart contracts, meaning that the privacy features are linked and implemented with the platform

6ICX Token, Price:0.31


The major problem with companies using blockchain tech is that there is a need for connectivity. Well, the ICON plan desires to improve the connectivity between different programs, systems, and blockchain tech. This can easily lead to an improvement in the usage of this tech, and it can allow companies to gain a wide range of benefits.

The concept behind the ICX token is that it should connect different systems with different enterprises. For example, health records can have their blockchain, as well as let’s say insurance. Hence, the token can store and transfer information across the platforms when and if needed. This means that the blockchains could interact with each other – which is something quite useful.

7NEO Coin, Price: $11.60


NEO has already been referred to as the “Ethereum Killer”. This innovative program can make assets digital by using a smart contract tech. Still, what does this mean exactly? Well, it means that digital assets can be transferred, shared, and managed by the program. The digitization can be done by using an app on the NEO platform, hence, it can transfer ownership from one individual to the next.

This ownership can basically be for any item located in the real-world such as vehicles, properties, food, as well as anything else that might be considered an asset. The most interesting thing about this platform is that it is constantly growing and improving, hence, it can ensure that the certifications completely follow the laws and regulations.


So, as you were able to read, there is a wide range of undervalued cryptocurrencies that you can choose to invest your money in. Besides understanding how they work, you should also understand how they can be used and what their purpose is. This is especially important if you want to make risk-free decisions and gain a lot of revenue from trading in the crypto world.