Many people like to build their PC in a low budget for media use or gaming. Because of having limited space in their room, they look for the smallest computer casings. ATX is a type of casing that has equipped with the motherboard in gaming and other purposes.

In the marketplace, lots of types of gaming cases are out there. But, it’s not easy to find your preferred and smallest ATX cases due to the crowd. Many cases come with issues like airflow or poor build quality.

The thing goes harder for the newbie when they look for the perfect casing. But, no worries, we’ll help you to overcome the issues with the best smallest ATX cases. Well, according to thefrisky, below are some top-quality and durable, but very small ATX cases that you’re looking for.

10Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

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Along with cooling accessories, this Cooler Master model is a top seller among other brands. The cube-shaped case is the recent delivery of this manufacturer for the people that like to get a small ATX PC with a portable option. For your perfect build, this case has the whole thing that you need.

Also, it’s the high-quality and compact case that has made it top listed in the review. You’ll find compartments such as a design that will enable you to add and remove parts of the PC if you need it. When it comes to the case inside, you’ll be able to add 4 SSD/HDD motherboard with full-sized.

Moreover, this case has two additional handles so that you can move it around the rig to somewhere in your room. It comes with strong cooling fans that are suitable for the most possible build. It means that you don’t need to buy any additional fans to keep the case cool.


  • Removable type motherboard tray
  • Big cutout
  • Easy to carry on
  • Excellent airflow


  • A bit bulky

9Corsair Carbide Air 540

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The Corsair is a famous brand for computer casings and it’s the latest model the Air 540 also has gained huge popularity. As one of the smallest ATX cases, it’s ready to fill your most requirements with a sleek design. Also, the design of the case has focused on excellent airflow that will keep your all parts cool.

The case has a great dust filter that helps you to avoid dust from the components of your PC. Moreover, you’ll be able to clean these dust filters easily while using magnetic sticks. The main compartment is well built to set your CPU, motherboard, GPU, and other components easily.

Coming with 3 cooling fans inside, you’re all set to get your PC cool regardless of the time you run it. Another great feature of the case is it has great management of your wirings. You’ll get some rubber grommets that are very useful to keep wires in order. This is why it’s our top choice as one of the smallest ATX cases.


  • Great airflow design
  • Nice dust filter
  • 3 cooling fans
  • Better cable management


  • Big in size

8AeroCool Cases Aero-1000 Black

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Another best and affordable ATX case, the Aerocool Aero-1000 black has built with high-quality materials. Thanks to its steel made chassis that has made it as strong as a perfect match at the price. This nice case has not just focused on the material; it also has made for excellent airflow.

The most amazing feature of the case is it supports Water Cooling up to 280mm on top and front, which is very stunning in this price range. Because of 3 cooling fans inside, you’re all set to get your PC cool irrespective of the time you run it.

You’ll get 3 dust filters that are on the front, top, and PSU while the filter of one-push has made it simple to add and remove for its users. It has a slidable PSU filter while the top filter comes with magnetic. When it comes to the panel of the slide, its steel made along with the design of acrylic. That’s why its user can see the PC inside easily.


  • Tough construction quality
  • Brilliant radiator support
  • 3 dust filters
  • Very affordable


  • Cheap plastic latches

7Riotoro CR1080 2020

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As one of the smallest ATX cases, the Riotoro CR1080 supports your full-size motherboards along with power supplies and graphics cards. Because of its dual-chamber design, the case allows you to keep the inside parts cool. Also, it makes things easier to add and remove whenever you need it.

With seven slots and 2 ports of USB 3.0 as well as a headphone and mic jack, the case is well designed to meet your most requirements. Coming with enough room for 2 power supplies, the case is looking sampling amazing in its front with a beautiful logo. There is a side panel that allows you to view the case inside.

Thanks to its water-cooling supporting feature, it has included 1 fan of 120mm. When it comes to weight, it’s lightweight, so you can handle it easier to move when you want. Its aluminum made built material is a bit thinner, but strong enough. Also, it’s easy to manage the wires and very affordable in price.


  • Affordable in price
  • Blue led made 120mm fan
  • Solid design
  • Expansion slots


  • Skinny aluminum material

6Corsair Carbide 400C

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Like other models of the manufacturer, the Carbide 400C is popular as a premium case that comes at a reasonable price. Also, the case has made with high-quality steel material along with nice design and many useful features. While coming with compact casing design, it supports the water cooling with about 360mm front radiator.

Also, it has another 120mm rear along with a 240mm top radiator that keeps your components cool. Besides, its strong airflow design keeps chilling the inner parts of your PC. The simple access of its side panels is one of the great features of this ATX case.

It also comes with easy options to add/remove hardware whenever you want while using the side panel to open. Moreover, its side panel is very transparent that allows you to see the inside of your case. Because of having two powerful fans, it’s easy to keep your components cool and good package to invest in.


  • Simply Classy Style
  • Useful Side Panel
  • Support Water-Cooling
  • Affordable in price


  • Lack of fan controlling bays

5NZXT Phantom 410

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Allowing setting loads of gaming components, the NZXT is anther handy case for the gaming characters. Those who like to build a gaming PC, the Phantom 410 from the NZXT is the right choice for many useful features. Regardless of being an old piece, it’s great to get attention for lots of users.

It comes in various colors so you can choose your preferred one matching with your room color. Thanks to its high-quality made material, the case is very durable than many others of a similar price range. Another great feature of the case is that its’ ready to support the most types of motherboards of the standard ATX.

Coming with tree fans while one for the front, one for the rear and the other one is for the top to keep your PC components cool inside of the case. Also, the case supports about 240mm water coolers. And its screwless driving model is very simple to open and close when you need to add/remove any part.


  • Fashionable design
  • High-quality material
  • Screwless cage
  • 3 cooling fans support


  • Issue of getting overheated

4CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB

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As the cooling peripherals, Corsair is a famous brand and we have reviewed two other great models of this manufacturer on this list. This one is a bit different from its previous ones for many aspects. The users will get the options of some amazing builds while using this case that comes with previously set RGB fans.

With great looking and company design, the case has made beautifully to provide the highest output. Among the nice features, it has fashionable two-panel glass, LED fans, Direct Airflow technology to cool your PC. This is how it’s as compact as expandable and gorgeous.

Also, the fans of the case with direct airflow help to keep it cool the inner components. As a result, you’re free of stress about your CPU’s heating issue while coming with 3 cooling fans on different sides. Moreover, there is enough space inside the case to keep things orderly without getting messed.


  • Quality tempered glass
  • 3 fans with led
  • The best return of value
  • Direct airflow technology


  • Difficult Cable management

3Thermaltake Core G3 Slim ATX Case

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Apart from being the right option for your ATX motherboard, this case is as slim as perfect for the people with small space in the room. This is why you can even hide the case under the TV and many other places because it requires very little space.

Including 2 preset fans, the case comes with filters. In our list of the review, the Thermaltake Core G3 is the smallest case that has the smallest cabinet for the CPU. This is because it’s possible to make the slimmest computer, which will be very easy to carry on.

No matter it’s a very slim ATX case, it fits the ATX motherboard easily. Also, it was designed for the right airflow that’s very vital for the components of the case inside.


  • Affordable in price
  • Support all types of motherboards
  • User-friendly side panels
  • SFX power supply


  • Not good for Cable Management

2Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M

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If you’re looking for the best case with high-quality build material, the SL600M from Cooler Master is your right choice. We’re very sure that this case is for you if you’re beyond some simply best cases. From the design to features, all of the things are quite perfect and meet your entire requirements.

Because of aluminum made, the case is very light in weight than many other cases out there. As this material is sandblasted to offer a good shine along with angular design, it makes the case gorgeous. While its side panel has made of tempered glass, it allows looking the case inside of your PC components.

It has 2 preset fans in the front as well as the other one is at the bottom along with the great price. While it supports water coolers of 360mm, you’ll get your PC components cool. As a result, it’ll help you to get damage to your PC parts.


  • Competent Cooling System
  • Noise dropping Technology
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent design


  • Unable to accommodate big hardware

1Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 TG (Best ATX Case)

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Finally, this is another great product of the Cooler Master, which is also a popular model across the world. Among the other models of this manufacturer, the Masterbox 3.1TG is great to look at that will force you to fall in love at first sight.

Along with custom trimming color and dark mirror front panel, the case is as great as the customized addition of the Cooler Master. While coming with just 4mm thick tempered glass edged panels, it’ll enable you to see the inner components of the PC.


  • Tempered Glass made the edge
  • 4 cooling fans
  • Water cooling option
  • 3 Different Colors


  • Included with SSD tray

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Is ATX And What Is It Used For?

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The full meaning of ATX is “Advanced Technology eXtended,” which is a spec to outlines the dimensions and configurations of your PC motherboards along with improved standard.

This is a very popular type of case because of its different advantages. This includes it has features of checking voltages and temperatures of your CPU.

What Is A Micro ATX Case?

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When it’s time to know the dimensions of ATX, it accommodates different types of motherboards. These include Micro ATX and Mini ATX along with Standard ATX.

If you buy a micro ATX case, it’ll be 9.6-inch by 9.6-inch in measurement. Likewise, the mini ATX is 6.7-inch by 6.7-inch while the standard one is 12.0-inch by 9.6-inch.

Does The Motherboard Affect Gaming?

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Of course, yes, the motherboards effect while you play games. It’s because there are some special components in your computer like graphics cards plus CPU.

How Many Fans Do I Need For My PC Case?

The experts and case company recommend that your case should have at least 3 fans with it. If not your PC components will suffer badly due to overheating.

While you’re in lack of space in your room and in the PC itself, it’s crucial to find the smallest ATX case. But, don’t forget that it should have enough space to accommodate the essential components need for building a PC.

But, you don’t need to be worried because we have enlisted the most cases that are not just the smallest in size; they also are suitable for your PC components.