When you think about it there are hundreds, if not thousands of surveys that you can take. For completing some of them, you can earn real money, free products, or gift cards, however, you might want to complete other ones simply because they are interesting and fun to read and answer.

If you are like me, you might be looking for some surveys to complete just because you want to kill some time. And, that is exactly why you might find this article helpful. The text below will feature some of the most fun questionnaires you can take. Let’s take a closer look at the list:

1The “Unpopular Opinion”


One of the most interesting and fun polls that you could take is the “Unpopular Opinions” one. They often feature interesting questions such as do you prefer cats and dogs, is Pepsi better than Coca-Cola, if hairless animals are adorable, as well as tricky questions such as is Beyonce overrated and if chocolate is disgusting. The questions are, after all about unpopular opinions, hence, do not get annoyed or offended if the questions are silly.

2The “Tell Me About Yourself” Poll

These studies are created by people who are probably doing research on various human opinions and behaviors. These questionnaires will often ask you questions such as where you are from, how is it living in that country, as well as some interesting questions such as what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “blue”. They are incredibly fun, especially since they can help you with finding out some things about yourself that you did not think of before.

3The “Random Surveys” For Bored People

Then there are the random questionnaires that you can take just if you want to pass time. I do them often, especially if I need to wait for someone to arrive or if I am procrastinating and just want to relax.

These random ones can feature a wide range of things, from how many friends you have to what your favorite app is to do you like your current president or not. Basically, the name says it all, they are truly random and different.

4The “Would You Rather” Challenge


The fun aspect of these polls is that you can often see how other people responded, which is great when you want to know what things people prefer more! Now, depending on the website you choose, you will be able to find basically every single would your rather thing in these questionnaires.

From whether you would rather live on water or juice, to whether you would prefer to jump from a building into a pool or from a plane into a helicopter.

5The “Truth or Dare” Challenge

Now, these examinations became popular recently, but, they are good for passing time and killing boredom. Instead of telling the truth and completing the dares yourself, you will answer as a specific character in the survey, and although it cannot really help companies or people determine specific things, these surveys are still amazingly fun.

When I discovered them, I was quite interested in what my character would do in the end. If you want to see what surveys you can complete, check out I Take Surveys website for more info.

6The “Kiss, Marry, Kill” Survey

I love completing the “kiss, marry, kill” surveys! Especially if I can see the results of other people. Now, if you search for these questionnaires, you will find literally thousands of them, and they will all have different subjects.

For example, you can choose K-Pop bands or characters from Lord of the Rings, you can even find ones that feature popular musicians or actors. They are amazingly fun to complete, and you might find out that a lot of people have the same opinion as you!

7The “This or That” Music And Movie Edition


If you are a big fan of movies and music, you should opt for trying these questionnaires. Of course, you might be a die-hard fan of metal music, however, you will also have fun thinking about would you rather listen to pop or hip-hop music or watch comedies or drama movies for the rest of your life.

This can help you find out more things about yourself, and trust me when I tell you – some of your answers might truly shock you, especially since you might have to choose between two things that you really dislike.

8The “Will You Press The Button” Polls

These examinations are best done with friends or partners, especially since you will be able to discuss different situations in life and what would each of you do. For example, some of the questions you might have to answer include whether you should press the button on marrying someone that you want, but you would have to be poor for the rest of your life, or something such as whether you would live in your favorite fictional world, but, you would have to eat the same meal every day. They are extremely fun!

9The “Sort The Disney Princesses Into Hogwarts Houses” Questionnaires

If you are a fan of both Disney and Harry Potter, you will absolutely love these polls. It will feature various Disney princesses, some even villains, and you will be tasked with sorting out the princesses/villains into Hogwarts houses.

And, although you might think this is an easy thing to do, trust me, it is not. For some, I had to really think long and hard about whether they are good, or in fact, evil and cunning.

10The “What Do You See” Ones


Yet another one that will make you think a bit more, the “What Do You See” questionnaires will feature a picture, and the entire point of it is that you will have to answer what you see first. Now, some of the questionnaires might provide you with the psychological aspect of your answer, however, some are just fun to complete.


As you can see, there is a wide range of fun surveys that you can take online. And, whether you chose to do them out of boredom or fun, they might prompt you to seriously think about a few things. So, now that you know what fun surveys you can complete in 2024, do not waste any more time and start searching for a survey or surveys that will allow you to have a lot of fun! If you want to learn even more about surveys, click here.