Remember the G (Old) en days. Those days and all you dreamed was growing up and becoming one of the greatest uniform men or women like the U.S navy seal or U.S marine and such. Sorry, this never came true but I believe these days were the best with little to worry about, few or no commitments and engagement. Thought of redeeming the beauty and fan of this old days dream, with me is a list of best Nerf guns that can take you and your family into the ‘Military’ world from the beach, house, or home when you on a holiday or a day off. This selection has all the collection and considerations in place.

Nerf blaster are toy guns made of Hasbro designed to fire foam; darts, disc and or balls. They are designed to give the ultimate holiday adventure for you and your family as well. The following collection features the best nerf ballistics that will give you the exact experience you are looking for.

8N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster Nerf Gun

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Need to liberate yourself when stack in a nerf battle? N-Strike is the ultimate sidearm; the ideal revolver nerf comes with six darts intact and is compatible with other elite darts. It has a ninety feet fire range with a relatively high speed to get your target shot. Its operation is manual and therefore no need for a battery comes with an automatic firing with easy loading of darts.

7Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K Nerf Gun

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Why did I miss this in my childhood? They call it Rival Nemesis but I get to baptize it ‘Nerf Machine Gun’. You get to shoot up to 100 rounds before you can think of reloading. Is that not an equivalent of full ammunition? These darts each weigh enough to move through the air but soft enough on contact not to leave any mark. It is pretty simple to load with the top hopper feed and easy fun to fire. To get the full fun of this you need to purchase a 6D battery to operate the mechanical motion that gives you a rapid-fire at your range.

6NERF Fortnite Sp-L Elite Dart Blaster

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In the market is a replicate of a cool Fortnite pistol with a silencer. It is designed to accommodate 6 darts but can only fire three continuously before reloading. Though you may find frequent reloading tiresome, the fun of this pistol is irresistible which comes with an affordable price that’s worth no bargain. You can buy extra darts to reduce the time of running up and down as you walk towards the shot darts to reload. It is manually operated and therefore no need for a battery. The silencer like the barrel is detachable; to give the authentic look of a pistol, but with it, in place, shooting accuracy is relatively high. It is suitable for children from 4 years and above.

5NERF Rival Kronos Outdoor Blaster

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NERF Kronos can fire up to five high impact rounds at a velocity of 27 MPS. The manufacturer had a real idea of a gun and did set you a compact, mobile and convenient ‘gun’ with a trigger lock to avoid stray darts that are not intended as a measure to instill a sense of care.  To bring it more into the real world, it has been enhanced with a spring action function that feels like cocking a gun before aiming and executing the shoot. I highly recommend guidance to kids playing with this gadget to avoid direct shoot to the eyes since it has high velocity and high accuracy that can cause harm to the eye.

4Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike

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The name can tell it all, you have three different shots with the same ‘ballistic’; standard darts, mega darts and a missile style dart. The fun of this play item is that you need not worry about any power consumption since it uses pump action for any of the three shots. I bet this convenient for you looking for a version that saves you cash from those versions asking for a 6D battery.

3Nerf Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster

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Zombies are one creature that threatens the human race from the movie world. If they were to be existing in the real world I bet you would react exactly like me by choosing one toy that would mean you bringing the Zombie species to an end. This Brainsaw Blaster comes in fool package to bring zombies down; with four darts to the right and four to the left as well and a spinning saw blade from the front to detach zombies head from the body when shot. Is this not a great deal to save the extinction of the human race as a threat has been posed by Zombies?

2Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike

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Welcome to the sniper world. Are you a fun of Modern Sniper game and sniper oriented movies, this the right ‘rifle’ for you that need no batteries for power supply since it is manually operated. The designer had a real sniper thought to fire from multiple sights along the top that helps you to account for distance and those darts that lose momentum and put you in the sniper mood and feeling.

1Adventure Force Alpha Rogue Blaster with Scope Rail Adapter and Darts

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When I see this nerf all that hits my mind is a Cowboy on his hat with an adventure rifle exploring the beauty of a bushy pack. This nerf is junior to the real adventure rifle with four long-distance darts compatible with all adventure nerf rifles and can fire up to a distance of 100 feet. It is convenient for kids of eight years and above.

You there missed the fun of this collection at your young age. Your kid’s life is not a continuation of your life, spare you them from missing the fun by purchasing one of the coolest selection we have prepared for you. This will greatly impact the future of that son or daughter of yours whose dreams are to serve in the defensive line as a sniper as well.