As we grow old, our hearing abilities are slowly decreasing and it can come to a level where it will interfere with everyday activities. Some can have a genetic disease that has led to hearing impairment or an injury that resulted in a change in the function of the hearing apparatus.

No matter what is a cause, there are many hearing aid devices on the market. The price has a very big range, and it can go over one thousand dollars. Here, we will list the best hearing aid devices under one hundred dollars.

8Britzgo Bha-220


This digital amplifier falls into the price range and is labeled by users as very good. The capacity of the battery is very large, and it can last up to five hundred hours. This means that it has an excellent power management system.

With the possibility of different settings for both ears separately, you can precisely set the level of air you need. Its small size guarantees comfortable wearing experience during the entire day and perfect fit in the ear. This device can only be obtained in the United States, and so far does not offer any shipping outside of the mentioned.

7Britzgo BHA-220D


This model of the Britzgo hearing aid apparatus is one of the most popular amongst the users. With a battery that has an enormous capacity of five hundred hours and good power consumption while working, we can see why. It produces very clear sound and can be used on both ears equally.

With a specific design that reduced background noise, it gives a pleasant wearing experience. Size and shape are specifically designed to fit the ear, so a device is wearable for longer periods of time. It comes with only a year warranty period which is labeled by some users as too short. Stil,l it is good to have at least a year of warranty in order to have the device fixed in possible malfunction.

6iAid hearing amplifier


This device is FDA approved and it comes in pair. Battery capacity is as in previously mentioned devices around five hundred hours. When it comes to its abilities, it has four different programs that can be chosen from. Additionally, it has an excellent system of reducing background noise.

Due to its size, it falls ono the ears perfectly, and the button to change between different programs is set so it can be reached easily. It is very important to clean the device regularly and thoroughly, so in the package, you will find a set of tools for cleaning. It does come with a warranty period, but, again, it lasts only a year, which users label as too short.

5Tac amplifier


This device is very small, and it allows very comfortable and almost unnoticeable wear. It can be hard to sport by others, so users didi put this as a plus. With the possibility of adjusting the loudness of the sound that is being heard, this device packs a few levels.

One possible concern is that it can produce a very loud, and somewhat unclear sound since the background noise reduction level is not as sophisticated. With a few adjustments, it is found t be very pleasant to be worn.

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4Britzgo BHA-203


It comes with two pieces per package. Battery capacity is good to last a whole day and a half, but this battery can be recharged which is a very good feature. Depending on the ambient noise, one of the two different modes can be used in order to provide the best possible experience.

It is very small which makes it great when it comes to fitting, and being very lightweight it will be very pleasant to be worn all day long. Users did say that the design could be a bit more appealing, but, does it really matters if it works?



With its futuristic design, this hearing aid device is very popular amongst users. It is designed for adults and seniors so it fits perfectly into the eras, no matter if it is left or right. It comes in a package of only one device and the battery capacity is being labeled as very good.

With the specific design of ambient noise reduction, it will provide very pleasant wear during the day. It has three programs that can be chosen from and the controls are being well labeled and easy to reach. The manufacturer offers twelve months warranty.

2R&L C100


This hearing amplifier is very small and discreet to wear. It is often used by adults and seniors. Battery capacity is good enough to last for a few days and it can be recharged when needed. It has a very convenient placement of the volume buttons, so the volume can be adjusted while the device is being worn.

This device can be returned after up to a month and a half if the users are not satisfied and it comes with a warranty that lasts for twelve months. Do not forget to take it off if you are taking a shower or going swimming since it is not waterproof.



This device comes in pair and it is made exclusively for the elderly. With a battery that can be recharged and a system that detects the noise and adjusts the sound in accordance with the ambient it is very much perfect.

Since it has buttons, volume levels can be set while the device is worn and by making it very light, it can be used during the whole day, even though it is not meant to come in contact with water. This device has shown to be very popular among users.


No matter what is a cause of your hearing loss, it is good to know that the market is filled with different devices that can assist you to be involved in the world around you.

Hopefully, this list has helped you to make your choice and start hearing what you might have not before.