Although there are various types of golf rangefinders but laser ones are widely used because of their versatility. They are perfect for every type of golf course in the world. Others have never been able to cross them in this aspect. Furthermore, they are quite easy to use and locks the target with high accuracy. Thus, increasing the chance of your winning.

All you have to do is to point the handheld device of your rangefinder towards the target. Now squeeze the trigger on this device. As a result, a beam of light will (laser light) will go towards your target. And that’s all. Now you will have the distance reading on display. It is a matter of few seconds.


We are going to provide you a few of the best laser golf rangefinders in 2024. However, if you want to look at a broader option Visit and have a complete list of 15 best golf rangefinders of 2024. So if you intend to buy something other than lasers, you can go there. In addition to the different types of rangefinders, they will also help you through buying guide.

1. GolfBuddy Laser 1 Rangefinder

This GolfBuddy is one of the low-cost rangefinders in the market. It is designed in an ergonomic way that also makes it very lightweight. In addition to this, the sporty design will make you look professional with just a little effort.

As you will be playing golf on open grounds, it will be hard for you to see the measurements. Therefore, GolfBuddy is equipped with a wide LCD display screen. To will make sure that you have better visibility of every measurement.

This Laser 1 features three different modes for targets. This includes a pin mode, scan mode and a standard mode.

Furthermore, you will feel vibrations for the locking and scanning feature. So, it will tell you when the measurements are completed. Thus, the user will be simple and anyone can use it.

2. Bushnell Pro XE Laser Rangefinder

Pro XE is one of the best laser rangefinders under Bushnell. This is because of the highly accurate measurements that it provides.

While taking the measurements, the Pro XE will take into account the slope, altitude and even temperature. Furthermore, it will also consider some of the other factors that can impact the ball moving towards the pin.

However, all these measuring points are not legal to use during a match. Although you can use them during a practice session to improve your gaming ability but not during a match. But if it is not something on a national or international level, you can still use it. This will make you better among your friends.

Another interesting thing here is that all the measurements will wipe off once you press the button. So if it is a friendly match and you want to show off your skills in front of your friends. Or you want to impress some girl, you can use this trick to your benefit.

In addition to all this, it is quite easy to handle as it will easily be stuck to any metallic object.

3. Volvik V1 Golf Rangefinder


V1 is the latest rangefinder from Volvik. Therefore, it is equipped with a range of different and latest technologies that will improve your game performance. Furthermore, these technologies also enhance the measuring efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, you can trust it without any doubt.

Because of the latest technology, V1 has the most accurate pin finder. Thus, it can calculate a distance from 5 to 1200 yards. And to enhance measurements, it also takes into account the elevation. Therefore, it has a slope compensation mode. So if you have to remove any such error, you can turn this mode on.

Another interesting feature of this gadget is the “Priority first goal”. This feature will let you measure any particular object. For example, if you need to measure some bunker or flag, you can use this function to do so.

4. Bushnell Tour V5 Slim edition laser rangefinder


This is another amazing rangefinder from Bushnell. We have included it in our list because it is one of the latest models in the market. Bushnell has moved the battery housing towards the back of the gadget. This decreases the width of the unit. And to further enhance your grip on it, they have made the out casing slimmer.

The most interesting feature of this tool is the minimum interference. The previous models were not good at eliminating certain factors but this one does. With the minimum interference mode, you can have a precise measurement irrespective of temperature, altitude and elevation. Thus, this gadget will provide you with precise measurements even for hilly and uneven courses.

In addition to this, you will get the vibrating jolt and magnetic bite feature in this model too. The vibrating jolt feature will let you know when the measurements are done. Likewise, the magnetic bite will make carrying the gadget easy.

5. Leupold Golf GX-4i3 Golf laser Rangefinder


GX-4i3 is equipped with amazing DNA engine technology i.e. the Digitally Enhanced Accuracy system. This system is designed to eliminate any possible errors because of certain factors. Thus, aims to provide the results with maximum accuracy and the least possible errors. Furthermore, because of the DNA engine technology, this rangefinder will provide you with highly accurate measurements of up to 1/10 of the yard.

In addition to this, it also has a “Club Selector” function. This function is suitable when you are enjoying the game or learning it in the club. However, competitions do not allow certain measurements. So if you have to use it in the competition, you can turn it off for a fair game.

Furthermore, you will also get the “PinHUnter 3” technology that will find the pin irrespective of your movements. So even if you are moving while using the rangefinder, it won’t affect the results.