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Christmas is a special occasion for us to give gifts to our loved ones. Nowadays, women are quite fond of using false eyelashes to enhance their beauty. If your female friends or relatives, who love to go to the salon, you can gift them a kit of eyelashes. It will be helpful for them because they can easily get ready at their place.

You do not have to wait longer for them to get ready. These false lashes are easy to apply within a few minutes, and women waste their time and money to go to a salon to fix such beautiful things to their eyes. Imagine if you can save their money and time.

Visit to get amazing eyelashes for your women around you to make them beautiful and gorgeous. In the following write-up, we will discuss the top 5 eyelash kits that you can gift your friends on Christmas.

They will appreciate you for sure. The difficult task is to pick one of the best products from too many available options. Let us go through the sorted list of products to choose the best for your friend.

1. Lanciley 3D 6-Pair Eyelashes with Two Magnetic Eyeliners

It is a fantastic product by Lanciley to give you a natural and subtle look. The eyelashes are soft, lightweight, and easy to carry. There is a magnetic strip, which is properly distributed to the complete length. You can get six pairs in the packing along with two magnetic eyeliners. You can style them for your Christmas party.

It works well on every occasion, and your female friend will love using it. If we talk about how economical it is, you can use it at least ten times, making it quite economical. After wearing them, your eyes will look stunning and attractive to others. You can also gift it to yourself because it is available at an affordable price.

If you do not know how to use it, you need eyeliner, which is available in the packing. It is water and oil proof, and normally apply it to your original lashes after shaking it well. It can last for more than 8 hours. There is no need to wait longer to make it dry.

You can easily use this kit by applying the eyeliner and then lashes with the help of a tweezer in the packaging. The product is hand-made and is of high quality. Ensure that you do not expose the nib because it can dry easily. Along with the product, you will get fantastic customer service.

2. Bisutang 3D 5-Pair Eyelashes Kit with Tweezers and Eyeliner

If your wife loves to carry these false lashes, it is a pretty good gift. There is no weight when you wear it on your original eyelashes. It is quite comfortable and safe to wear because it is also made up of organic ingredients.

There is no need for glue or any tape to stick the lashes. You can apply eyeliner and stick the lashes on it. This product is available with magnetic technology for a better user experience. The eyeliner is waterproof and will last longer.

You will look amazing when you use this kit of 5 pairs. It is easy to use this kit, and if you do not know how to do it, you can use the instruction on the packaging. You can wear it on any occasion and look stunning. It is a perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, etc.

On the other hand, a very similar kit to this would be from Paris Lash Academy where the same items will be available. It is also one of the most popular brands in the market right now and this could be a great choice for you as well.

3. Magnetic 5-Pair Natural Eyelashes with Eyeliner and Tweezer

It is another perfect eyelash kit, which is quite popular these days. If you want to look gorgeous and stunning at the party, then you must choose this product. It is quite easy and comfortable to wear.

If you are confused about the right Christmas gift for your female friend, then you won’t get better than this one. It is available with magnetic eyeliner, which allows you to stick the lashes on your eyes with ease. You can gently wear it with the help of tweezers, available in the packaging.

If your friend is a makeup artist, then it is a perfect and affordable gift for her. You will get five pairs in the package, which can be reused many times. It is a highly durable and preferable product by many people.

4. Sensitive 10-Pair Eyelashes Kit with Two Magnetic Eyeliners and Tweezers

It is the latest product available in the market. The presence of magnetic particles in the eyeliner and lashes are quite more. You can carry it for the whole day without any smudge or discomfort. This product of 10 pairs is completely odorless and non-toxic.

It gives you a natural look and lets you rock the party. It is perfect for any occasion and therefore, you should stop investing your money in cheap products. You need only 20 seconds to apply it. The method is also easy, which involves applying the liner and then lashes over it with a tweezer.

When you need to remove the liner, you can apply baby oil or makeup remover to get rid of it. There is a complete lifetime guarantee on this product, and you can trust the brand.

5. Last view 5-Pair Mink Reusable Handmade Eyelashes Kit

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This high-quality product by Lashview is made up of premium quality ingredients. There is no use of animal fur, silk, etc., that can irritate you. These five pairs of organic eyelashes are available with glue and tweezer. You can use it easily and quickly.

You can easily wear it on any occasion because it will look beautiful on you. If you plan for the photoshoot, you must carry it to get a stunning look. You can use the lashes at least ten times, and therefore, you are saving a lot of money by repeatedly avoiding the purchase.

Final Thoughts

You can buy any of the above-listed top 5 eyelashes kits and gift them to your female friends this Christmas. These high-quality products are completely natural and non-toxic for your skin. It will enhance your beauty and make you look attractive.