The common thing for all children is that they are more than creative and like to play and make interesting stuff. And their boundless imagination helps them with that, while imagination is something that we adults often lack.

If you have noticed that your child is very creative and enjoys crafting activities, we suggest that you help them develop their creativity even more and learn various useful crafting techniques. And even if your child is not super talented for crafting, such activities can bring you closer and you can enjoy them together with the whole family.

After all, quality time with your kids is the most important thing. If you want to try out some crafting activities and motivate your kids to try them out, here are some of the best crafting ideas that your kids will love.

1. Colorful monsters


One of the interesting crafting ideas that your kids will adore is making colorful monsters out of popsicle sticks. This is a great mini project, because it is very simple, and when you are done with it, your children get new friends to play with. Just grab popsicle sticks and crayons and give the sticks whatever color you want.

You can also use those that are already colored, which will shorten the project time and allow children to play with monsters in the blink of an eye. Add the eyes (or a few pairs of eyes) and you’re all done!

2. Paper animals


Crafting ideas that never go out of fashion are paper animals. Every child has their favorite animal, and this small crafting task will enable them to make it themselves using only paper, crayons, and scissors. Piece of cake! All you need to do is to fold a few pieces of paper accordion-style. Keep folding and arranging them next to each other until you get the desired shape of the animal you imagined. Another tool that can help you is a stapler, to attach the paper and make sure it doesn’t go anywhere.

Draw the eyes, nose, ears, beak, and other parts they have on a piece of paper, then cut them and glue them to the folded paper. And voila! The paper animal is ready to play. In case your child likes this project, you can create an animal farm together and allow your kid to enjoy this animal kingdom.

3. Tie-dye shoes


Another crafting idea that your child will surely like is the tie-dye shoe project. Every child loves colorful shoes that look cheerful and different. In addition, children also would be happy to wear tie-dye shirts that were made by themselves. Colorful shirts and shoes will bring them joy and happiness. For great tips for creating your tie-dye shirt, you can check out the techniques compiled by ShirtSpace. So why not make them together! For starters, choose some white canvas sneakers that are cheap and that you can find everywhere.

Don’t waste your time and money on finding some more expensive ones because sneakers like this will absorb the color best. Then grab a fabric dye, gloves, and paintbrush and get to work! Ask your child if they want to paint the laces, or want them to stay white. Often, pure white laces fit much better with such colorful sneakers, so suggest to your child to leave them aside until you finish painting shoes. Choose a design together, then move on to the painting part.

Enjoy this process and have as much fun as you can because that is the whole point. Finally, leave the sneakers to dry, then wash and dry them again. Now they are finally ready for a walk and play with friends!

4. Wooden piggybank


The piggy bank is one of the most interesting practical toys for children. Although it can be in the shape of an animal or a car and intended for play, the piggy bank is one of the items that will help you teach children the importance of saving and dealing with money. If you are into the woodwork, you can make a piggy bank for your children yourself, and then give it to them to decorate it as they wish.

Don’t forget to ask them what shape they want the piggy bank to be, and then put a few coins in it when it’s done. With colorful pens, children will be able to color their new piggy bank however they want and make it perfect for long plays. We suggest you read more about the best pens for writing on wood and choose the best ones for your children, so they can easily make the piggy bank they imagined.

5. Homemade soap bubbles


What child (and adult) doesn’t like soap bubbles? Soap bubbles are so much fun that kids can play with them for hours, enjoying every second of the game. The good thing is that you can make them at home, and the children will surely have fun in the process of making the necessary material, while eagerly waiting for the final result and happy bubbles.

In a short time, you can make a fun ‘toy’ that the whole family will be able to enjoy. All you need to do is grab a plastic jar and mix water, soap, and glycerin in it. You can also use corn syrup instead of glycerin. The point is to use some kind of sticky liquid, so they both work. Use a stick that is pre-made for this purpose or make your own bubble stick from plastic lids. In just a few minutes, everything will be ready, and then you can enjoy making bubbles with your kids and compete to make the biggest one. So much fun!


Children are very creative and enjoy various crafting activities. If you notice that your child is skilled and likes to create different things, try to work with them and help them become even more skilled. There are so many interesting crafting adventures that you can embark on with the youngest members of your family.

For example, you can make colorful popsicle sticks monsters, or paper animals. Also, a great idea is to make a wooden box (if you are into the woodwork) and decorate it together with your children. The point is to have a lot of fun, as well as to create useful toys that your children will enjoy.