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Did you ever feel that your eyes were tired and dry after staring at the computer screen for a long time? Well, you are not alone. Wearing blue light glasses does sound like an excellent solution, but experts have found little evidence to support the usage of these blue light filters to prevent digital eye strain.

Blue light is well-known for sabotaging things that mess with the “Circadian Rhythm” (It’s your interior timepiece that notifies you when it’s time to stay awake or sleep). If you have insomnia and are scrolling through your phone late at night, having the blue light glasses from Muunel, will surely help you.

Blue Light Glasses: What Exactly Are They?

The blue light glasses carry specially-crafted blue lenses that can block or filter out the blue light that is given out from the digital screens of a laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet, or television. In certain situations, these lenses are marketed on lofty claims that they have the power to protect your eyes from eye strain and lessen potential damage to the retina because of lengthened exposure to the blue light.

Is It Possible For The Blue Light Glasses To Help With Eye Strain?

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You might be surprised to hear this, but most eye problems are not caused by the blue light from the digital screens. Experts say that individuals experience eye issues because of the digital screen, but many of the problems are caused due to CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome. This is also known as digital eye strain.

Some of the symptoms of this condition that you might experience are headache, blurred vision, watery eyes, difficulty in focusing, shoulder and neck pain, burning eyes, and sensitivity to light. Computer Vision Syndrome carries a wide range of discomfort and eye strain problems. Your eyes will continuously keep shifting focus and will move while you stare at the screen.

Additionally, the contrast and glare will also be tough on your eyes. So, if you do face any eye issues while working the whole day on your computer, your eyes discomfort will not be for the blue light from the screen. But having blue light glasses beside you can prevent headaches, improve your sleep, and help lessen eye strain.

Why Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses?

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It’s not harmful to wear blue light glasses, and there are several reasons to wear them rather than other glasses. Below listed are the reasons, which you must check out!

1. Wearing Blue Glasses Is Worth It

Wearing these glasses is worth it. Why is that? It will make your eyes feel more rested at the end of the day because it will reduce the glare and the screen time. Your eyes will appear less red and tired to finish all your work on time and increase your concentration.

Apart from that, having these glasses on does not make you feel worn and prevent headaches from taking place. It’s highly suggested that you wear these glasses every time you work on a computer and go outdoors. It will not keep your eyes well-protected but also stop unwanted eye issues from occurring.

2. You Will Become A lot More Aware Of Your Screen Time

Many individuals out there only wear normal or non-blocking glasses when they do some activity or drive. But when you wear the blue light glasses, once you sit in front of your computer or laptop screen, it will make you a lot more aware of the screen time.

Once you start wearing these glasses, you will find yourself getting more intentional about putting away your tablet or smartphone and finding yourself sitting at the porch doing some reading.Although your eyes will work while you look at the pages of the book or magazine, you will surely give them plenty of rest from screen time.

Types Of Colored Lenses That Block Blue Light

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You are pretty much well aware that blue light glasses can block blue light from electronic devices and the sun. But there are several types of colored lenses that can block light. Look below!

  1. Clear Lenses: The clear lenses can block up to 40% of the blue light and are ideal for improving energy and digital eye strain. These lenses are also ideal for those individuals who wish to see the actual colors on the digital screen or wish to stay in uniform during work while keeping their Circadian Rhythm well-protected.
  2. Red Lenses: The red lenses can block 100% violet, blue, and even green light. The red lenses will create similar effects of the sun when it descends beneath the horizon every night and enable the sky to emit warm shades after it goes completely dark. The lenses will dim out the light, even when you still have them on for long hours. But not all red lenses are created equal. So, you have to look for lenses that can block blue light and violet and green light.
  3. Orange Lenses: These lenses can tackle up to 98% to 99% of the blue light. These lenses are also the first-ever blue blocks created by NASA’s space program. Even though it can effectively block out blue light during the day, it cannot block the green and violet light at night. To keep your biological rhythm aligned with the natural fall and rise of the sun, you will require a different amount of blue light during the day and no light during the night.
  4. Yellow Lenses: The yellow lenses are pretty similar to the clear ones, but they can easily block 75% of the blue light. They are more functional than the white ones, but they do not BLOCK 100% of the blue light. It’s because your body requires blue light during the daytime to stay active and alert.

Wrapping Up

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Blue light released from the sun and electric devices can cause serious damage to your eyes. So, the best way to protect them is by wearing blue light glasses designed to offer protection from the blue light. It will not just keep your eyes protected but will also prevent headaches, eye strain, and various other eye issues from occurring.