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There are many bed bug foggers on the market in all possible forms: powder, tablet, spiral, spray, lantern, cream, stick, and television commercials bombard us with the recommendation that this particular preparation is the best. Which one should we opt for?

Each of us, when selecting an asset, reads the recommendations of the manufacturers of the assets offered. Spray agents, or concentrates that need to be dissolved in water and then sprayed on the premises where the insects occur, are available.

The active substance is a chemical agent that is the basis of any insect-killing product. It is an insecticidal substance in low concentration and acts to kill insects in various ways. Depending on the matter in question, they affect the insect by stopping further feeding, further development of the individuals, destroying the nervous system, destroying the digestive system in insects, or acting as a suffocating agent.

Preparations that are already prepared can be easily sprayed onto surfaces, and most often made with alcohol, evaporate very quickly and leave no unwanted marks, stains or grease on the covers.

1. Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Spray

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According to research, the best spray to kill adult insects and their eggs. If you compare it to other sprays of the same purpose, it stinks. Use it in the harborage areas and spray it wherever the insects hide. This product instantly kills bugs and sprays the last two weeks on spray surfaces. The major flaw of this product is that it can cause skin irritation if it comes in contact with it.

2. FenvaStar Ecocap

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This product is made from vegetable oil and can be applied to several types of beetles. This new formula contains the active ingredient is the esfenvalerate, which is very useful. It has an excellent price on the market and residual effect. This product has one drawback, and it does not kill bugs immediately but later.

3. Proof Bed Bug Spray

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This bug spray is a natural alternative if you want to get rid of bug problems, and it is a very stinky agent. I make it from Neem oil, which is a natural pesticide. Although a natural insecticide, it can also be harmful to your children if inhaled. After spraying, the effect lasts for two weeks. The disadvantage of this product is that you have to spray it consistently and regularly to exterminate the bugs completely.

4. Harris Bed Bug Killer

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This bug killer has no odor and residual effects. You can spray the bed and furniture with it as there are no stains left. Of course, it does not affect hiding bugs and requires prolonged periodic treatments. The spraying effect can take weeks. The disadvantage of this product is that it is a little harder to use and requires a lot of therapy to be successful.

5. Bio Advanced Plus Insect Killer Spray

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The spray is intended for many types of bugs has a mild odor, which is suitable for spraying furniture and carpets. It is very effective at killing hiding bugs, and supposedly sprays last up to 12 months. The main drawback is that it doesn’t just kill bed bugs.