The cold season is finally here, and with it comes the time to think long and hard about the clothes in our closets. Chances are that these last few scorching months, you’ve only worn thin clothes which have brought you some relief from the heat. But now that this is over, you need to ask a few questions about your wardrobe.

Do you have enough Gildan or Jerzees sweatshirts to ease you through these fall months? Do you know what to look for when choosing your next sweatshirt? And more importantly, are there any other wholesale apparel items that could greatly help in the months ahead? In the following article, we will discuss all these questions you might have.

Why Pick Jerzees Sweatshirts When the Weather Gets Cold?


What is a sweatshirt if not a hoodie without a hood? Fall identifies with this versatile piece of clothing that can prove particularly useful for the chilly evenings you want to spend with friends or the slightly warmer lunches you spend with family. The weather can be fickle in the United States, at times being particularly warm but then turning exceptionally cold. True, the trend in recent decades has been toward warmer weather, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have moments when you shiver with cold and think nostalgically of warm summer moments.

The proper wholesale apparel can be essential to your comfort this season. It can be composed of both clothing items you’ve probably thought about and others that are probably overlooked by most of us. For example, do you have a thermal blouse or a pair of earmuffs? Then maybe you can use this article as a wake-up call for future purchases.

The Difference Between States

Some US states feel the force of winter more intensely than others. We’re sorry to waste your time if you’re reading this from Miami. If you’re from a state like Minnesota or Alaska, you probably often think about the importance of choosing the proper winter clothing. Jerzees sweatshirts can be the perfect clothing item to wear under a thick jacket, but they can also be the centerpiece of an outfit.

They can be made from natural materials such as Ring-spun or Sofspun cotton and synthetic materials such as Polyester. Does it matter to you? More than likely, yes, because during a blizzard, the last thing you want is to face the elements with clothes made of the wrong fabric.

The Different Types of Available Sweatshirts


Wordans offers a wide variety of products. You can find entire collections of Anvil, Gildan, or Jerzees sweatshirts in various colors, sizes, and styles. If you’re a little more easygoing but want to be prepared for the unexpected, you may prefer sweatshirts with a hood. However, if you want something more elegant that will fit in perfectly with the moments you spend with loved ones in your life, then you may prefer sweatshirts that have a quarter zip.

But what is important to remember is that whatever your preferences, with a sweatshirt, it is pretty hard to go wrong, as it is a clothing item that can generally suit any event. What is the t-shirt for summer, is the sweatshirt for winter, and the variety in which they can be found nowadays makes them suitable clothing items for any person and pocket.

Are you in the middle of a freak October storm in Arkansas? Then a sweatshirt underneath a thick leather jacket may be just the article of clothing to keep you thermally comfortable. Or maybe you’re at a barbecue with some friends in South Dakota, and in those moments by the hot grill, you need a piece of clothing that will protect you from the cold outside without making you sweat. Sweatshirts can solve your problems and are an article of clothing that has become synonymous with cold weather and versatility.

The Advantages of Wholesale Apparel in the Winter

Buying wholesale apparel can be a great way to enhance your wardrobe with a host of quality clothing items on short notice. Winter is slowly starting to feel its presence, and its arrival brings with it the need to be prepared with the right wardrobe. Do you have enough sweatshirts to be comfortable even in the coldest months? But what if you have an unexpected trip to make? Do you have enough garments to ensure a relaxed and carefree journey? If the answer to these questions is yes, then congratulations, it means you have made some good decisions over the years. You may want to look into wholesale winter garments if the answer is no.

Wholesale apparel is cheaper than what can be found in retail, and the variety of clothing available in this market segment is unparalleled. Need a balaclava, pullover hoody, or fleece sweater? Then you can find them in this sector at a competitive price and desirable quality.


Can I Resell Wholesale Clothing Using My Brand?

The answer to this question is generally yes, and it is a great way to create a small business from scratch. In theory, nothing stops you from buying blank wholesale apparel and then selling them in a retail setting at more advantageous prices. But in this case, you need to consider what you are adding to the product you sell that justifies the higher price. A changed label is often not enough. Are you somehow making improvements to the product you commercialize? Do you print personalized messages or unique logos that differentiate you from the competition? If so, your success may come with the onset of the cold season.

You have many options if you want to resell wholesale garments for financial gain. Gildan, for example, makes awesome T-shirts that, with a bit of customization, can be sold later at favorable prices. The same goes for Jerzees sweatshirts or Anvil’s Sweatpants. Imagination and consistency is perhaps the only thing that can limit your success, and where there is a will, there is also the possibility that your new business will be a real success.