Electric cars are the means of transport in the future. Experts say it, environmentalists, and most manufacturers who have announced a series of plans to sell only in electric cars a few years. And if you need more reasons to buy one, here we share eleven benefits of buying electric cars.

11Cheap to maintain

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As mentioned earlier, an Electric car does not require fuel, and the costs of recharging the battery for a year are very cheap. “An electric car will save you $ 632 per year on average on its gasoline counterpart.

Compared to traditional fuel vehicles, electric cars are cheaper to maintain, since having less complicated mechanics suffer fewer breakdowns. When it comes to matching them in terms of consumption costs, electric cars also have more advantages than gasoline or diesel. Consumption is much lower, around 1.2 $ per 100 km, a big difference from the rising price of traditional fuels.

10Good for the Environment

Gasoline vehicles consume up to 60% of the oil used in the United States and these contribute more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions to the ecosystem, the main contributor to climate change, explains the Department of Energy.

When choosing an Electric car instead of a gasoline car, it is contributing to the fight against Global Warming. Electric cars are well known for emitting 0 polluting and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. They are vehicles that do not need any type of fuel to operate since it is sufficient to charge the batteries.

9Suitable for people’s health


Electric cars are good for people’s health also. It is not a secret that just as carbon emissions pollute the planet, they also damage the health of its inhabitants. The smog or smog that comes from the muffler of a car mainly affects the lungs of those who inhale it.

8They are safer

In crash tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and NHTSA, it has been shown that electric cars are equal to or more reliable than gasoline vehicles on side impacts, but these outperform cars gasoline on front and rear results.

7Technologically advanced


As cars carry the best of technology in them, they are also equipped with the latest technology. Not only for road safety but also for infotainments.

6Maintenance almost non-existent

Beyond the wear elements such as brakes or tires, the maintenance of an electric car is reduced to a check of the condition of the batteries and electric motors every certain time.

No more changing filters, lubricants, and various liquids. Logically the electric car does not consume any fuel, so we should not go to fill the tank or worry about consuming more or less. This represents a significant saving in fuel since the electric car can be charged overnight in the garage and with an expense equivalent to approximately $ 1.2/100 kilometers. This combination of reduced maintenance and fuel savings makes electric cars an economical and environmentally friendly choice for modern transportation needs.

The simplicity of maintaining electric cars extends to their charging needs, and the availability of commercial charging stations for electric cars further enhances this convenience. Commercial charging stations for electric cars are aimed to provide convenient and accessible charging solutions to support the growing adoption of electric vehicles, thereby promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

5Tax advantages


In addition to lower maintenance costs, lower energy costs, and enjoy reduced rates in public car parks, electric vehicles have several tax advantages. Thus, in Barcelona, the Registration Tax is free, and discounts of up to 75% are offered on the Mechanical Traction Vehicle Tax.

4Circular in cities and use of the Bus / VAO lane

In episodes of high pollution, some cities restrict the circulation of vehicles through the center, but electric vehicles are not included in this restriction. In addition, they are allowed to use the special Bus / VAO and circular lanes with only one occupant, which represents a saving in time and better circulation in large cities.

3Driving more comfortable and relaxed


The fact of not emitting noise or having to change gears constantly represents a great rest when it comes to accumulating hours behind the wheel, especially in urban circulation. It allows a more relaxed and smooth driving.

2Label 0 of the DGT

The DGT identifies the least polluting cars with the blue “ Zero emissions ” badge. Its use is voluntary at the moment, although in Madrid it is mandatory if you want to enjoy its advantages, such as driving in the city center in episodes of high pollution. In addition to the advantages indicated so far, the 0 label allows you to park for free in the AREA area of Barcelona or in the SER area of Madrid.

1Very advantageous financing conditions


In addition to the different official incentive programs, the manufacturers themselves offer interesting financing conditions for the purchase of an electric car. In this way, the purchase of this type of vehicle is encouraged, while making it more affordable for those who have the need to buy a new car.

The insurance policy is cheaper. The insurers are also aware of the minor inconveniences of electric cars, so when it comes to taking out insurance, it will be more important.

More efficiency, lower consumption, and greater savings, In short, the main advantages that catapult the electric car to the best current alternative in the market are its reliability (its simple motor prevents serious damage), its low consumption (it is more profitable both in the payment of taxes and in daily driving) and its advantageous position with respect to current environmental policies (they can circulate without fear of restrictions)
They are a little noisy

It is rarely specified that noise pollution is one of the big problems in cities. In this case, the electric car is much less noisy than gasoline cars, which is an added advantage for those more aware of the quality of life in large cities.

In summary, the benefits of buying electric cars today are still one of the best options on the market as an alternative with a greater future perspective, together perhaps with hybrid cars.

In addition, in a world where climate change, anti-pollution regulations, and the measures that are being taken to curb their effects as much as possible, the motor world is largely responsible, so act and decide meaningfully common concerns us all. Don’t hesitate and visit, or any similar site where you can find the best electric car for yourself!