The availability of clean water running throughout our homes is an essential part of modern civilization. With a whole house water filter installed, you can get clean water in every tap, shower, faucet, and other water outlets in your home. There are other benefits of using and you will find a huge variety of these filters, which you can learn more about on this website as well.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filters:

Whether the source of water supply in your home is from a well or a municipal system, you need to ensure it is clean. Your family’s safety is your priority. Contaminants can enter any house through numerous sources. Even if you think the source of your water supply is clean, high levels of minerals can harm your dishwasher, taste weird, or harm your clothes washer. Therefore, using a filter at the points can prevent harm in these ways. Here is our list of additional benefits of using whole house filter systems.

1. Easy Installation and Affordable

Modern water filters have a compact design. They are corrosion resistant and have a long service life. These filters are easy to install and very affordable (approximately as low as $150 per year). To maintain them, you can simply change the cartridge yourself. You can find whole house filters in three different sizes. You can choose the best fit for your home depending on how much water you use. You can always consult the company’s team for more information and guidance if you are not sure of what size to choose.

2. Access to Clean Water All Over the House

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The filters give you have clean water in your entire home, not just at a single point of use. This makes life so much easier and comfortable for everyone. You do not have to worry about going to a specific outlet to get clean water. You can use clean water in the kitchen, bathrooms, and even in the backyard. Having convenience and easy access to clean water all over the house would make life so much better for everyone.

3. Reduced Plumbing Issues

Chemicals, minerals, and heavy metals can lead to corrosion and subsequently damage the water pipes, appliances connected to water outlets. With clean filtered water, you prevent this from happening. Depending on the type of filter you use, you can protect your plumbing system and home appliances from contaminants like sediments, limescale, and mineral deposits. This increases their life and allows you to prevent them from spoiling too soon.

Some water filters have KDF-55, which controls the growth of algae and bacteria inside large tanks. They specifically target chemicals like mercury, lead, chlorine, and other heavy metals.

4. Protection from Skin Infections and Other Health Hazards

Having filtered water in the showers and other taps mean that you can shower with clean water, which is free of harmful contaminants. Sometimes, water contaminants can enter our bodies through our skin. When you use overhead tanks, there is a chance that algae and bacteria begin to form over a period. This can cause skin infections, eczema, and other ailments. Eventually, you do end up washing the tanks. Some filters are UV filters and can destroy 99.99% bacteria and viruses plus other microorganisms commonly found in wells. Therefore, in the meantime, using a water filter system will reduce the risk of skin infection due to contaminated water.

5. Safe and Clean Drinking Water at all Times

With filtering systems installed, you can get clean drinking water around the clock. No need to spend on buying pure water bottles and no need to worry about health hazards. Kids often like to drink water from different water outlets while playing. You can also make sure your pet gets clean water to drink all the time.
Some filters have an air injection oxidation combined mechanism with greensand filter media. This removes chemicals like hydrogen sulfide, ferric and ferrous iron, and Manganese. The greensand can last for 18-25 years with zero maintenance.

6. Save Money on Healthcare, Soap, and Repairs

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If you choose not to use filtered water, you are risking the health of everyone in the house. Dirty water can lead to health issues like typhoid, eye infections, dental problems, and stomach infections, to mention a few.

Moreover, you will eventually end up spending more on soaps, repairs of the clothes washer, dishwasher, and clothing. Hard water makes it difficult for the soap to lather and causes soap to finish quicker. Accumulation of limescale and other contaminants harm the machinery, kettles, faucets, and plumbing of the house.

7. Help Preserve the Environment

Some filters have an activated carbon filter, which is great for the removal of chemicals like disinfectants, pesticides, and herbicides. They also have pressure gauges.

Using plastic bottles for clean water also leads to environmental pollution. People discard plastic bottles all over the place. As much as 80% of plastic bottles pile up in landfills. It can take one bottle as much as 1000 years to decompose. Having clean water in homes means no need to spend on bottles and prevent environmental pollution. This is a good thing for people who want to take active measures to preserve the environment. Clean water makes life better for the plants and animals around us as well.

8. Better Tasting Water

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With a water filter at home, the taste of the water in your home becomes so much better. There is no doubt that pure water offers a special fresh taste.

9. Remove Soap Scum on Clothes

Using contaminated water can cause scum accumulation on your clothing. This will make the clothes weaker and prone to spoiling sooner. Clean water removes the already accumulates soap scum, making your clothes look and feel fresher and last longer.

10. Disaster Preparedness

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In case there is a disaster and the sewer line connected to your home bursts, you can stay away from the harmful contaminated water. Installing a whole house water filter will keep everyone safe until the sewer is back in proper order.

Keeping all these benefits in mind, it is highly recommendable to invest in a portable and affordable house filter system.