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In the past, one of the main communication methods in any company used to be a bulletin board. However, with all the advancements in technology, the boards have long been replaced with a modern alternative, most commonly referred to as digital signage software.

But, if you just learned about these interactive screens, you might be wondering – if I implement these signs into my company, what benefits could I gain for corporate communication? Fortunately for all business owners looking for an answer to this question, you’ll be able to find the answer in the article below. Let’s take a look at the list of benefits:

1. The Messages Will Be Clear

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Your staff probably gets hundreds of messages every day, which is one of the reasons why they might miss reading the relevant ones. However, if you decide to install digital signage, you’ll be capable of displaying all the important messages, in real-time, which suggests that your employees won’t miss it.

2. It Could Improve The Safety of Your Employees

By installing these screens in your corporation, you’ll be able to guarantee that the workplace remains safe. For example, if you operate in a manufacturing plant, specific tools or machines might malfunction, which implies that you’ll have to notify your staff about it as soon as possible in order for them to see it.

With a digital system in place, you’ll have a channel for immediately sharing important alerts and messages, something that’ll certainly make your entire workplace safer. Keep in mind, such systems could also be used when there is a natural disaster happening, meaning that you could even protect them outside work.

3. It Can Improve Employee Cooperation

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If you opt for installing these signs in a break room, it could serve as a conversation starter, no matter if the message is about a new policy or an alert for a malfunctioning machine. This indicates that your staff will be capable of discussing the information they read, which is something that can easily improve their relationships and cooperation.

4. It Will Save Money + Time

As you already know, it will take both time and money for preparing and printing training material for your employees. However, you can completely avoid this situation with this system since you can use it for educating and training your workers as well. This indicates that investing in these signs can save you a lot of funds and time in the long run.

5. Automation is The Key

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You could design the content you’ll present on the screens through an automated platform such as the one offered by indigoWorkplace. With such platforms, you’ll be able to generate original content, which implies that you could use these screens for displaying a wide range of important info.

For example, you could use it for displaying new regulations & policies, you can recognize your employees, share important reminders, or you could even use it for showing basic things such as the schedule for the meeting room. Keep in mind, if you install several signs throughout your firm, you could display specific info on each one of the screens.

6. They’re Fun to Utilize

You may not know this, but, a lot of individuals don’t remember what they read in an email or message, however, if you combine HQ videos or pictures and display it on your digital signs, you’ll be able to grab the attention of your workers, which means that they might feel encouraged to utilize this system.

Besides them utilizing the screens frequently, it will be more fun and interesting for them to use it than it would be to read a long message they received. Keep in mind, you’ll want to assure that the text is precise and accurate in order for them to read and remember the info better.

7. They Are Extremely Customizable

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When you send an email to your staff, you cannot really go back and change it later on. But, with a digital signage system in place, you’ll be able to change the displayed messages quickly and without any difficulties. This means that you can show your workers one message in the morning, and a different one during lunch break.

8. You Could Boost The Workforce Morale

Appreciating your employees is one of the easiest ways to improve their productivity, which means that you can use digital signage for encouraging and inspiring, all of which will boost the morale of your workforce. Additionally, you could create different competitions and awards or you could choose to display the best reviews left by your clients.

9. The System Can Train And Educate

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If there is, for example, a new program that your workers need to learn how to use, you can choose to create how-to guides and tutorials that you’ll display on the interactive screens later on. By doing so, you won’t only ensure that they see the guides, but, you’ll save a lot of money and time on the entire training process as well.

Additionally, when you generate the content, you could also choose to save it and then send it via email to your staff, which will allow them to review it later on. This is something that will ensure that they completely understand how to use the new program, the training will be easier and less stressful for them.

10. You Could Share Internal Data

Sometimes, encouraging doesn’t only mean praising or rewarding your workers. Instead, they can also get encouraged when they see how the company is growing. This means that you can also use the screens for displaying internal data such as the sales records. It will help them learn how they are performing, which can help them with being more productive.


As you were able to learn, there is a wide range of benefits that you could reap if you choose to install digital signage throughout your organization. It won’t only help you with notifying your employees about new regulations, but you could utilize these signs for educating and training your staff as well.

Hence, now that you’re aware of all the wonderful things this system can provide you with, you should not lose any more time. Instead, you might want to open up your browser and start searching for a company that will provide you with a platform that will suit your requirements and budget.