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Now that you have accepted that offer from your university, it is time to prepare for your first overseas travel. Perhaps you are new to Australia or New Zealand, and you know absolutely nothing about these countries. You aren’t sure about your campus life; in fact, you don’t even know where you would put up during your college years in Australia or NZ.

Most students have a feeble understanding of their accommodation in Australia. For them, the only place where they can stay in their college hostel. But there is a life beyond hostels and dorms. Here, we are talking about off-campus accommodation. Please read this article on some of the fantastic benefits of off-campus living.

1. International exposure

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Australia is a melting pot of cultures. Here you will find students from Asia, Japan, and also Europe. Upon arrival, an international student expects to meet people from diverse cultures and broaden his horizons. If you stay in off-campus accommodation, there are higher chances of meeting people from different countries.

Most off-campus flats and apartments have more than two rooms; some even have five rooms! When you have so much space in your apartment, there are more chances of more international students living there. If your landlord has made provisions for two students per room, you can expect ten people are sharing the same apartment. And most of these occupants would be from other countries. Therefore, putting up in off-campus accommodation helps you meet more people from different cultures.

2. More privacy

Some universities have campus monitors to check the whereabouts of the residents. These monitors can check your dorm, regulate your entry and exit, and even pose unnecessary restrictions on your college life. These practices put off many students who value their privacy. However, this isn’t the case in off-campus accommodation. When you live in purpose-built student accommodation or a private flat, nobody can invade your privacy. It’s your room, and it’s your life. Therefore, if you value your privacy, off-campus accommodation should be your natural choice.

3. Proximity to airports and railway stations

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As an international student, you may like to live very close to airports and train stations. At times, you may also want to tour your city using public conveyance. This facility is usually not available in college dorms and hostels.

University campuses are quite remote from the city center, and it takes a lot of time to reach your hostels and dorms. Off-campus accommodations like Iglu typically are built near public conveyance facilities, so it is easier for you to move around in the city. These flats and apartments are also well-connected with colleges and universities, so you can easily reach your class well in time.

4. Internet connectivity

Many colleges and universities don’t give you unrestricted internet access. There are many reasons behind these restrictions, and we won’t talk about those here. This disadvantage isn’t there when we speak about off-campus flats and accommodations in Australia. You can buy any internet plan, and watch whatever you want.

5. Unmatched security

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Your accommodation is as secure, maybe more secure than your hostel dorm. Please don’t worry about your safety and security.

6. Community life

When you come to Australia for studies, you’d also want to understand local cultures and customs. Staying in a rented accommodation helps you appreciate the local culture of your city. You know more about your city and neighborhood while staying in off-campus accommodation than when staying in a dorm or a hostel.

7. You will become more independent and more resourceful


Beginning your studies is a significant milestone itself and a new chapter in life, which is even more crucial if you are separating from your parents and starting life in a new city. An off-campus living will further affect your independence, and you will have the opportunity to gain an immense experience. Also, you will learn to better cope with every problem.

8. You will learn easier

It will be much easier for you to master the material in the quietness of your apartment since no one will disturb you. Your concentration will be better because you will not be making breaks regularly, and you will be the master of your own time.

9. Freedom of choice

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Living for rent allows you to live where you want. It is no longer just a matter of choosing the neighborhood of the city that you like the most, but the leasing enables total geographic mobility. Since rental contracts are usually signed for a certain period, it is possible to change residence as many times as we want as long as we notify the owner in advance.
In the case of not feeling comfortable in that environment, you can change the place of your residence without having to be anchored in the same place, supporting its inconveniences.

10.Price negotiation

Another advantage of renting an apartment is the possibility of negotiating the price with the landlord. You will be able to adjust the monthly cost and even look for other apartments at a lower price in the meantime.

11.More flexible functioning

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Leasing an apartment offers more flexibility, depending on the time of life you are going through. Thus, during the student period, it is common to share a flat with other colleagues. When you start working, it is reasonable to look for an apartment to live alone, and when you have a family, you have to move to a more spacious home.

12.Piece of mind

Residing in a rental apartment also provides peace of mind since the tenant does not have substantial debts and does not feel like being tied to a long-term mortgage.

13. You will have more time to explore

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It’s easier for you to see and do everything on your wish list if you study abroad for more than a couple of weeks. After all, weekend excursions don’t last much. Long-term students can enjoy inter-trimester vacations, so they have plenty of time to explore their new city and other places. That also means that your family and friends can visit you, and you can show them around the city as if you were a local.

14.Career enhancement

Ask any graduate: This world is very competitive. Everyone is looking for something that makes your resume stand out. If yours includes a total command of the language, it will open doors for you to achieve the professional career of your dreams. In addition to bilingualism, your time abroad will also help you develop the cross-cultural skill set sought by companies around the world.

15.Language improvement

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Language learners end up being more effective communicators, even in their native language. When you learn a language, you reflect (consciously or unconsciously) on the structures of the two languages, and you can perfect both.

In short, staying in a rented flat gives you more benefits than you can imagine!