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Moving out to a new house and apartment is a challenging thing. People start living in another place because of various reasons. For example, a young couple just got married and they decided on buying a new house. Indeed, they will be happy because of that. Starting to live with your partner is a moment when you need to completely change your daily routine. However, it is not that simple as some people believe.

New homeowners will have to face one duty for the first time in their life. A home makeover is the first thing they will have to do. It is the right moment to show creativity and decorate your rooms in the best possible way. However, most of the people start with one idea and end up with millions of them. They are not quite sure which of these ideas is the perfect match for their needs. One of the rooms that bring us most of the problems in the bedroom.

A good night sleep and rest are important for our health and effectiveness. Indeed, your sleeping also depends a lot on your everyday life. This means that you have to be a bit self-disciplined to sleep properly. But, the room where we sleep also needs to be “sleep-friendly”. This means that there are certain ways to makeover your bedroom in the right way.

It is not possible to sleep well in the room where you do not feel comfortable. Yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that comfort will cost you a fortune. Some investments are necessary, but it is something that we can all afford.
Because of that, let’s find out together some simple bedroom makeover ideas for new homeowners.

1. Divide Your Bed from the Rest of the Room

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It doesn’t matter how big your bedroom is. One of the ways to make it more comfortable is to embrace the tininess of the space. You can do that by making it more intimate and cozy with different sheep curtains. It is recommendable that you put them around the bed.

There are two additional things that we would want to recommend. First of all, the sheep curtains should be in the same color as the walls. However, some people consider this decor a bit monotonous. Because of that, you can add some artwork above your bed. The frames of the artwork should be colored differently from the walls.

2. Pick the Right Colors

As we said in the beginning, you somehow need to make your room sleep-friendly. Because of that, it is crucial to paint the walls of the bedroom in the right way. Bold primary colors are usually the choice of the people. Indeed, these colors can make your room look nice. Still, you do not have to limit your decorating only on these colors.

Our recommendation is to choose the gentle hues of lavender, blue, or green. These three colors will have a positive impact on your mood. More precisely, they are considered calm and serene. Still, we all have different tastes, right? You might not like the recommendations that we provided you with. You can always paint walls in your favorite color, but we recommend you use a toned-down version.

3. Everything Should be Simple

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We understand your desire to experiment with different designs. However, it is not recommendable that you overdo it. In other words, after you finish the bedroom makeover, everything should be simple and sophisticated in the end.

There are certain things you should do to reach that goal. First of all, ease of movement is something that you will need to ensure. Because of that, there should be some space between the sidewalls and the bed. If the space is not big, we recommend a minimum of three feet between these two things. This also counts when we talk about space between the bed and the low furniture.

This also means that you should not add a huge number of items there. For example, despite bed, there should be a bedside table, a chair, and a dresser. Logically, you can pick different items, but the number of them should remain the same.

4. Have Enough Storage

Okay, we need to fulfill the previous piece of advice. As we said, space is important in your bedroom. However, people are not quite sure how to arrange things there. Well, there are certain items that you should purchase to ensure comfort and serene feeling.
As we said, a bedside table is one of the necessities. Because of that, you should pick those that come with drawers or doors behind. This can be a practical item because of many reasons. There you can place reading glasses, books, lotions, etc. There are also skirted tables and a small dresser with drawers where you usually can place even more stuff.

What about sheets, pillows, and blankets? You do not necessarily have to hide them if they match the design of the room. Yet, if you still tend to do that, then getting a trunk or a storage bench would be a great choice. There will be enough place to place all those things.

5. Ensure One Quiet Place

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Let’s explain this tip a bit more because it might seem confusing. A quiet place in the room is the place where you can sit and read books. The bedroom is the best possible indoor place for something like that. The reading area should contain a comfortable chair and footstool. These two items should be placed somewhere in the corner of your room. We recommend two corners that are on the opposite side of the room’s door.


As you see, the makeover of the bedroom does not have to cost you a fortune. This counts when we talk about the decoration of the entire home as well. The products that we mentioned should match the design of the room. More precisely, the entire interior should match your style and character.

Despite that, all the items that we mentioned above should feature quality. You do not have to limit yourself only to ideas that we gave you. There might be items that we did not mention, but you need them for some reason. Fortunately, there are places online where you can find the most quality ones. Because of that, we recommend you pay a visit at vbestreviews and try to find the most quality items. There are many reviews that will make your research easier.