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Almost everyone in the freelance world talks about finding your niche. Some freelancers argue that a niche isn’t necessary when you are good at what you do. You narrow your field too much, and it becomes more challenging to find clients. Others argue that when you hone your skills on a few subjects and really focus your attention on marketing the quality and expertise you build through having a niche, you actually expand your reach and increase your value.

Whether you are on the side of a niche or no niche, CBD is a booming market and will likely continue to remain that way for quite some time. People everywhere take CBD gummies for pain, CBD oils for inflammation, and other CBD products for a multitude of other symptoms and ailments. Consumers are seeking the products out, and dozens of new brands like Verma Farms hit the market every month.

Here’s the snag, though: As of right now, CBD companies are not allowed to use paid advertising to promote their ingestible products because the FDA has not approved them for human or animal consumption. That means that there is a sea of CBD companies out there relying solely on content and SEO strategy to get their products in front of their customers.

This is where you come in. CBD startups need as much help as they can get in order to rise above the competition. A quick search online will reveal that the most successful companies have volumes of content out there, addressing every concern and answering every question imaginable to rank on that coveted first page. Let’s take a look at what you need to do in order to dive into this lucrative business and start being one of the top freelancers writing about a product that changes people’s lives for the better.


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Most freelancers write best about the things they love. If you have not yet tried CBD, you need to start there. You technically could write about CBD without trying it first, but that would be like writing about a restaurant without actually visiting it. Because of the nature of CBD and its benefits, people like to feel a sense of community with their brands. You need to experience the powers of CBD firsthand in order to build that into your marketing tactics. Try getting into a routine of taking CBD oil for pain, or gummies for anxiety, and see how your life changes, too. Then you can truly market this product with the passion it deserves.

Become an Expert

You will have to create massive amounts of content for your clients, and almost all of it needs to be useful and informative. People turn to CBD brands for their health, and they have deeply personal reasons for looking for an alternative solution to their problems. This is something you need to respect your writing by providing readers with the most up-to-date and accurate information available. Find current legitimate research studies, study popular brands, sign up for newsletters with cannabis advocacy organizations, download apps, and participate in the conversation.

Beef Up Your SEO Knowledge

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Because SEO is the primary marketing strategy for CBD brands, your SEO skills need to be on point. If you are not yet certified, find a course and take it. Costs vary wildly, but getting formally trained in current SEO adds a ton of value to your portfolio when you approach companies using it as the foundation of their marketing strategy.

Write, Write, Write

Hopefully, you already have a website that includes plenty of samples of work. If you don’t, you need to do that next. You cannot market yourself as an SEO expert if you have no proof, so get to work. Better yet, build a blog around your CBD marketing expertise and start loading it up with content. Write about ways CBD companies can get their brand in front of more people, and make sure you have a very clear call to action with every post.

Build Credibility

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Your SEO certificate builds credibility regarding your technical expertise, but you also need to be a trusted and respected source regarding CBD. There are two things you can do right now to build that trust:

  1. Write a book
  2. Create video content

Depending on where your current interests lie, one or both of those may seem daunting and time-consuming. However, books need not be lengthy to get the point across. You could write a quick, 50-100 page CBD marketing guide and self-publish it while you get your website up and running. What better way to open dialogue with the companies that you approach than to offer them a free book?

Videos are an excellent trust builder as well. It gives your personality a chance to shine and puts a human face behind those marketing emails you send. A video is not quite a face-to-face contact, but it is the next best thing. It will grab the attention of your prospects, and it will keep visitors to your website there longer if you embed a video onto your homepage.

Start Pitching

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Niche or not, it takes time to establish yourself in the CBD gummies market, but once you do, you will bring incredible value to your clients. Set yourself up to succeed by first building that foundation of expertise and knowledge, then cement your credibility so you can separate yourself from everyone else trying to jump in the game. Create a list of your top 100 brands that you want to work for, craft a pitch to each one that shows how much your services will benefit their brand, and determine your pricing based on what your work is worth to them.