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We know that practice makes us better. But how do you practice with video games to take your skills a notch higher?

Well, whether you want to earn playing videos or you want to do it for fun, there are ways to get better at it. Let us look at some science-proven ways to be a more proficient gamer

1. Analyze your gaming skills

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Learning from experience is excellent, but reflecting on your gaming experiences is even more accurate. One way to learn from yourself is by taking time to re-watch your performance. You will observe the mistakes you made and the instances where your tactics did not work. This way you will get to improve on yourself and be proficient at your gaming skills. Something else worth saying is that you should not take too long before watching your performance, so you can give your brain a great chance to process the experience.

2. Take breaks between games

Gaming is fun, but too much of it might not be helpful. So, if you are gearing up for an all-day session with your gamer friends, you need to consider how best to maximize your potential. Researchers and specialists agree that spacing out your gaming time as much as possible will make you a better gamer. You will need to take regular breaks from things that are cognitively exercising, such as gaming. This allows your brain to unpack information and also recharge itself for better performance.

Besides, taking a break will help prevent burnout, which is a significant risk for training for a game like bingo, which requires more mental attention. So, it will help if you start taking breaks in between your gaming hours. All play and no breaks will make you a poor gamer! It is also bad for your health.

3. Mentor a newbie

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You must have heard that sharing is caring. That philosophy also holds when it comes to gaming. Well, teaching others how to play will also make you a better gamer. When you tutor your friends on gaming basics, you will become better at recalling the game moves and applying the knowledge in your gaming experience. Also, involving another fresh pair of eyes in the gaming experience will help reveal areas where you have some weaknesses and needs to improve. You will get to remember the aspects of the game and the tactics that you might have forgotten.

4. Ensure there is maximum natural light

While gaming indoors, open the windows for proper ventilation. Science shows that nature helps in the restoration of attentional abilities. Even though you may not go outside, you can crack open the window to allow fresh air in and increase natural lighting, as they are significant subliminal and physical boost factors.

Also, do not get too busy inside. Ensure that you create some time to go out again. Taking a 15 to 30 minutes-walk will help you declutter, clear your mind, and rejuvenate your energy.

5. Play with random players

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Specialists believe that playing with different players who have different abilities can improve your skills tremendously. If you are playing with familiar people, there may not be much to learn from them as you may be used to their tactics. In case you play with a new team, you will get to improve your communication skills and move outside your common zone.

6. Make your gaming space comfortable

Research from Ohio University revealed that your body posture while playing games would be a great factor in determining the kind of experience that you will have. Besides, your body posture can affect how your gaming opponents think about you and how you think about yourself while immersed in the gaming experience. Hence, having a vast and spacious room and allowing you to sit in the right posture will improve your gaming skills.

7. Drink enough water

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The importance of staying hydrated cannot be overstated in any type of sport. While focusing on your game, ensure to keep your hydration levels up. Scientific evidence demonstrates that being dehydrated reduces the level of concentration and depresses cognitive performance, as well as affecting your motor skills. These can hurt you as a gamer, hence the need to stay hydrated always. Drinking enough water will also replenish your energy and sustain your moods. This will help you stay on top of your game, as you will be energetic enough.

8. Wrap up

Playing video games is an excellent way of decluttering and having fun. You can also play games to earn a living. Whichever reason you have to put the time in playing the game, you should consider ways to keep improving by the day. Use scientific approaches to help in improving your gaming skills. Don’t forget to stay healthy!