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People find different ways to make money. Some of us are going to college in order to get a job that will bring us a good salary. This is one of the traditional methods that most of the people choose. However, the newest generations are a bit creative than that. The development of Internet technology brought us many new opportunities. That’s why we got many professions that allowed people to make some incredible amounts of money.

One of those professions is – YouTube Streamers.

We can say that this subject is still controversial. Some people do not consider YouTube streaming as a serious business field. However, we can say that the streaming industry is slowly becoming one of the most profitable in the world. It is understandable why you want to become a member of this industry.

Indeed, this industry is profitable. However, that also means it is more competitive than ever before. In those circumstances, you need to be smart and creative. The first thing you need to do is to prepare yourself for hard work. Many people approach YouTube streaming in the wrong way. They think that streaming is easy. You just turn the camera and do some crazy things and the views (dollars) will come. Trust us; things are more complex than that. A lot of work and a lot of patience are necessary to become successful.

Let’s see together how to become a streamer on YouTube.

Determine Your Goals

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This maybe sounds like a basic piece of advice. Yet, we have noticed that people do not establish their goals properly. Their only goal is to make money. However, in this field (or any other industry), this won’t be enough.

You need to have a vision of how you are going to reach your goals. First of all, you are completely new on YouTube. How are you going to reach your audience? Do you have the initial capital to invest in the advertising campaign? There are many things you need to worry about. Becoming viral on YT is not something you will achieve over the night.

Determine Your Niche

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Well, this is an especially important step before you even turn on the camera. You need to do proper research and see which type of content you should share. For example, many people make a common mistake. They completely copy some of the most successful YT streamers. That’s why they do the same things as their role models, act the same as their role models, etc.

People do not like to see these things. It is okay if you are an expert in the same field as some of the most popular ones. However, you need to find a unique way to present yourself in front of the million eyeballs. More precisely, you need to find your style.
Anyway, even worse would be to do things that you are not an expert for. For instance, many gamers stream while they play LoL. Are you good at this game? Are you interesting while you play it? If the answer to these questions is “no”, then there is no need to do something like that.

Determine Your Target Audience

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Okay, it is not a secret that younger people usually follow the work of YT streamers. Still, you need to determine exactly which type of personality is going to be your target audience. For example, you need to determine their location, gender, interests, etc. Your streams might be the best possible in the world. However, if you dedicate it to the wrong target audience, you won’t get support from the audience. In other words, your channel won’t get a lot of views.

Find a Creative Name for the Channel

When you look closer, the names of the most popular YT channels are most unusual. It is hard to find streamers that use their first and last name as the name of the channel. That’s why you need to be creative. Your channel needs to be recognizable among your audience. For example, “PewDiePie” is a well-known YT streaming channel in all parts of the world. We believe that not many people in the world know his real name.

Get the Necessary Tools

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Well, we will need to get back for a moment to the first step. Many people make a common mistake already in the beginning. They think that investing in this industry is unnecessary. However, if you want to make money, you will have to invest is as well. That’s why it is necessary to put everything on a piece of paper. More precisely, you should make a business plan. Make a list of things that you need to purchase and calculate how much money you need to spend.

The first thing that you need to get is a good streaming laptop device or computer. Keep in mind that you should chase the price only. Some laptops are expensive, but they are not suitable enough for streaming. Despite that, you will need to ensure good lightings and a quality camera.

Finally, every streamer needs to have a high-quality microphone. You need to understand that the quality of the content is not the only factor that influences your success. The audience will expect quality in all aspects of streaming including visual and audio ones. We suggest you visit and check the best pieces of equipment for streaming.

Despite everything, the tools that you need are not only “physical”. You need to ensure that you are using the best possible streaming programs. More precisely, you need to pick the best possible screen capture software.

Ensure Stable Internet Connection

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This is probably the most important thing for every streamer. You won’t be able to stream if you do not have a good Internet connection. Yet, we have noticed that most of the newbies make the same mistake. They do not connect the Internet directly to their computer or laptop device. Instead, they connect to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi connection can be good. Yet, it is a bit risky because your Internet is automatically slower. Your stream might crush in some moment. That’s why you should connect your device directly to the router.