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Has it ever occurred to you that, when you wear something, you hear the reactions of older family members as they used to wear it in their youth and that it was popular a long time ago? We’re sure it has since those old fashion tricks often become trendy again after ten or twenty years from the moment they fell into oblivion. That’s right – we have repeatedly been convinced of the power of good old chic pieces that come to life in today’s world. And while the younger generations are convinced that they’re witnessing innovative beauty trends, the older ones are laughing. Suddenly, it happens that some favorites from our teenage days become cool again and we get very excited about this comeback. Colorful glasses, glittery eyeshadows, and plumping lip glosses have definitely marked our school days and now they’re returning to make-up sets.

All fashion lovers at least once wanted to experience the stylish spirit of a decade that has remained behind us. Through new market trends, this has turned into a possible solution. Following the example of world celebrities, who are mostly the first ones to start the madness, young girls can’t wait to try them out.

We’ve made a compilation of beauty trends for you that go back to 2024. Find out what tricks in this field are becoming popular again and what will be worn this season.

1. Filled eyebrows

Eyebrows are definitely a part of the face that has received special attention in recent years. And while we leave behind thin eyebrows in the form of one barely visible line, we accept thicker and filled eyebrows, as this look is more sought-after than ever. And It doesn’t seem like it’s going away soon.

Thanks to that, the make-up artists will always try to emphasize them as much as possible in the form of a perfectly arranged bow. Eyebrow shaping techniques are diverse and almost the entire science of it has been made and brought to numerous beauty studios. In addition, you’ll be able to find countless tools, shadows, and brushes for the perfect arrangement of your eyebrows in every store.

2. Shiny lips

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We can almost swear that a few years back we rarely met someone who wears lip gloss. This make-up detail was long forgotten, remaining in the last decade. We could say that matte lipstick that delighted the public with their simplicity and yet the glamorous impression they leave put it in the shade. Women went crazy for that elegance so much that they still adore combining various shades with a lip liner.

However, it seems that they couldn’t fit it in with the daily make-up. In fact, they could, but they realized that the lip gloss is still more suitable for the daily routine, providing a nice and gentle look combined with mascara and a little blush.

3. Big voluminous hair

Do you know about that WOW effect when you take a step in your high heels and your hair follows by jumping in all its pomp? Most of us can’t remember the last time we saw it on the street, and, if you’re wondering why you can’t recall such looks, the answer is quite simple – because they haven’t been there recently.

The hair straightener has become an obsession of women all around the world who can’t imagine their hairstyle tools collection without it. A flattened, straight hairstyle takes precedence and we completely forget about that breathtaking big-hair trend. Nevertheless, following the current situation, experts are sure that this trend is returning in a big style this year. So get a good ceramic blow-drying brush and Figaro as soon as possible – voluminous looks are waiting for you.

4. Colorful eye shadows

Make-up can seem incomplete without eye shadow – great attention is paid to the eye look mostly because it leaves the biggest impression, in addition to lips. A good one can emphasize the color and shape of the eye or the size of the lashes, depending on what we want to highlight. Or – what we want to hide.

So far, simple colors with a calming note have been the most commonly used. The white, beige, light pink of lighter shades and darker brown stood out as some of the most effective ones.

5. Nourished and natural look

Flawless, hydrated, and well-groomed facial skin is slowly becoming an absolute trend in the world. Perhaps in this way, the world’s fashion critics want to let the female population know that they are the most beautiful as they are. Without a bunch of foundation shades, contours, shadows, but with clean and hydrated skin that they should proudly show.

The days of hiding behind a brush and not even going out to the nearest store without makeup are gone.

A beautiful natural look is best achieved by the daily use of cosmetics based on quality ingredients from a proven manufacturer. The Skin Spot emphasizes that the most important thing is to feel confident in your skin and that your skin deserves only the best.

6. Contouring

For those who still find self-confidence in perfect make-up, the contouring trend will make you quite happy. This isn’t big news. Contouring came to the first users one or two years ago, but it seems to be gaining in popularity as time goes on, as it doesn’t cease to appear in the most modern looks.

Famous influencers on their Instagram and Youtube channels have dedicated a bunch of videos to this very topic, for example, how to achieve good shading and contouring where they are needed with the help of bronzers and highlighters. So, if you thought that contouring as a novelty was brought to the world of make-up by celebrities, you were wrong. This dates back to earlier periods and is now reviving, thanks to its flawless effect.

7. A little bit of healthy blush

A pale look that reminds of a cadaver’s face was maybe considered aristocratic, but it’s definitely not so desirable anymore. A fresh look that exudes self-confidence is returning to the focus of world interest – and you’ll agree that your face takes on a completely different charm when blushing becomes a part of your makeup routine.

It’s perfect for both day and night variants, and in both cases, it plays a different role. In the evening to complete the contour of the face, and during the day to emphasize the freshness.

Keeping up with the trends is not so bad. You never know when something that once ceased to be popular will become chic again. And now that you know that these might stay strong for a while here, you’ll maybe want to seek a couple of pieces of advice from your moms or aunts and adopt some beauty tricks. Ready for timeless beauty? That’s the spirit!