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When a young student opts for studying abroad, the next big thing is to decide what is the right country for that. Since the English language is now much more present in the world than it has ever been, students can choose from a wide array of countries. Some of them don’t even have the English language as a primal or second language. We are talking about countries like China, Japan, India, etc. However, two countries emerged as one of the most popular places for foreign students, New Zealand and Australia. This sounds pretty far away, but it sounds exciting, right?

If you ultimately decide that you want to study in the Southern Hemisphere, these two like look the way to go. Both of them are English speaking countries. At the same time, they are both highly popular in the world because of the way of life local people have. Moreover, they are recognized as countries that have some of the most beautiful nature of them all.

Based on a lot of experiences you can read online pretty easily; you can see that these two countries are going to provide you with the best possible experience in a lot of fields. In this case, we are going to talk about their education systems. But first, let us present you with some information about these countries.

Comparison of the Culture

Australia is known as one of the most urbanized countries in the world. It represents a perfect combination of Native Aborigines and Western. The country constantly tries to find a balance between these two influences, who are very different. It’s known for its wine production and beautiful landscapes. This is a nation filled with relaxed and friendly people.

New Zealand provides newcomers with a totally different vibe that they were used to. It looks like everyone in this country has outdoor part-time employment. It looks like every person out there has a tent and hiking boots. Moreover, this country is filled with different features and activities. You are bound to see some of the most beautiful landscapes that you have ever seen. New Zealanders are popular for their exceptional hospitality towards foreigners.

Educational Systems

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Similar to the general way of life in New Zealand, we can say that the educational system is pretty close to it. You may ask, how do you mean? Well, the whole country has a vibe of a community located on an island. This is something that translates to the educational system. Classes are casual, and you can even find young people who are present in class and they are without shoes and socks. And nobody is giving them a strange look.

If you opt for a university in a smaller town, it’s likely that your campus will be in one location. When it comes to cities like Wellington and Auckland, universities are spread all over the city.

Australia is a much bigger country than New Zealand, therefore something similar to their way of life is impossible. Its universities are much bigger and they can accept higher numbers of students. When it comes to the learning atmosphere, we can say that it is highly multicultural. Similarly, to New Zealand, you can lay back sometimes, but not wearing your shoes is not acceptable. If you are a newly arrived students in Australia, and you need some help with your assignments, check edubirdie. Universities located in major cities of Australia are more town-focused instead of classroom-centered.

Education Program and Housing

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A vast majority of Australian universities have a two-semester system. This gives an option to foreign students to study come for a semester or a whole year. The first semester generally lasts between February and June, and the second one begins in July and lasts until November. Naturally, some of the universities have a three semesters system. So, in order to find the best time to go abroad, you will need to do a little research on the university you want to be a part of for that time. The most popular city for foreign students is Sydney, which is the largest city in the country.

When it comes to New Zealand, as a foreign student, you will have a flat that you will share with other local or foreign students. Naturally, in some locations, you can have an option of a homestay. The city of Auckland is probably the most popular city for foreign students since about 1/3 of the entire population lives in this city. As it is the case with universities in Australia, a majority of New Zealand universities are running on a two-semester system.

Of course, there are some exceptions, similar to those we saw in Australia. We already talked about the hospitality of the local people, so you can expect a high number of trips and many other activities.

Courses of Study

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Academically speaking, these countries represent a perfect choice for whoever would like to study abroad. Both of these countries have top-notch and world-renowned study programs. A couple of the eight universities located in the island nation have a high reputation and are presented among the best ones on yearly lists. Anyone can find something for themselves here. The same can be said about Australia. This is a level that they’ve managed to maintain for a good couple of years and after almost two decades of being on top, are not more popular than ever.

Moreover, students who prefer different subjects are going to be able to find what they like in these two countries. However, the most popular ones in Australia are botany, oceanography, anthropology, and geology. When it comes to those popular in New Zealand, we would point out forestry, biology, and environmental management. One of the most interesting subjects is studying the Maori language. Since the culture of this country is closely tied to Maori people, this is not a surprise.

The Verdict

We’ve presented you with all of the essential elements you need to know about studying in New Zealand and Australia. We don’t have an opinion about which is better. Our conclusion is… do serious research and find out which one is better for you. However, it looks like that you will not make a mistake whatever you choose.