More often than not, when you have to get your dog cleaned up in the shortest time possible, it appears the best thing to do is make use of waterless dog shampoo.

The truth remains the waterless dog shampoo might get your dog clean. However, is there a price to be paid?

How do the Waterless Dog Shampoos Function?

Humans, as well as dogs, possess sebaceous glands. These sebaceous glands are connected to hair follicles. The sebaceous glands on your dog’s body are located close to its chin, rump, tail region, and its paws.

They produce sebum, an oily substance which plays a major role in helping the skin stay shiny and properly moisturized. In addition to making the skin moisturized, sebum protects the skin against bacteria attack. The presence of sebum gives humans, as well as dogs their unique smell.


When your dog is not regularly washed, there could be a buildup of sebum. This occurrence can make the fur dull and greasy. The longer this stays, the worse the smell of your dog’s fur will get.

When made use of it the right way, waterless dog shampoo can take out unwanted oil from the fur (see more here), as well as the skin of your dog. Thereby making its body shine.

Although water dog shampoos can be used to absorb oil from your dog’s skin, when done excessively, there could be side effects to your dog.

In addition to absorbing excess oils on your dog’s skin and fur, waterless dog shampoos can also mess up your dog’s antibacterial barrier. This is in addition to stunted hair growth and clogged up hair follicles.

Although waterless dog shampoos are effective in keeping your dog clean when made use of in the right way, they have some side effects and are not considered to be entirely safe.


There are several safety issues associated with the use of waterless dog shampoos. Some of them include:

1. A link to Cancer

2. Waterless dog shampoos contain certain ingredients which are believed can be responsible for causing cancers. Some of these ingredients include:

– Artificial fragrance

– Preservative

– FD & C Blue #1- this is an artificial color

– DMDM Hydantoin

– They can be contaminated

1. The ingredients that are made use of in producing waterless dog shampoos are sometimes contaminated with ethylene oxide or 1,4- dioxane, which are compounds with a reputation for causing cancer.

2. Greenwashing – is simply a situation in which unnatural products are made to sound like they are natural. Products such as moisturizing agents, mild cleansing agents, and coconut-based surfactants are contaminated with ethylene oxide or 1,4-dioxane, which can cause cancers.

3. They Have a Connection with Allergies and the Toxicity of the Immune System

4. They Contain Ethanolamines these are compounds which have a likelihood of causing cancer.

How to Stay Safe 

If you are searching for a way of absorbing the oil on your dog’s skin in the fastest way possible, you can make use of cornstarch if your dog is not allergic to it.