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Marketing your business well and giving the best customer satisfaction is the key to the success of any business. For your brand to reach the audience we need good online and offline marketing. If no one knows about your product, no one will buy it. One way to market your product is by giving 100% satisfaction to the buyers so that they recommend it to their friends as well.

You can easily get more customers by spending a huge amount on banners and goodies, but if the quality of your product is not good, you will lose them after the first-time purchase. The best way to persuade people to buy your product, again and again, is to provide the best services at affordable rates.

Well, that’s not enough. Most of the brands concentrate on quality and affordability and this is nothing new.

The customer is the king and a king needs the best and unique services from his servers. Well, if you treat your loyal buyers with the utmost care, they will never leave you. A purchaser is like your lover, if you keep them happy, they will be loyal to you. How to keep them happy? Make them feel important by giving gifts. Who does not like gifts!

Where to buy gifts for customer appreciation?

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Are you wondering as to where to buy gifts for them? Bonnage has the best gift hamper collection for your faithful customers. They have luxurious and unique packaging, which makes a lasting impression on shoppers just by looking at it. The best part is that you can deliver it directly to their homes by ordering them online.

Why give gifts to your customer?

If you are a well-known company, you must keep up your reputation in the market. If another company provides the same quality product with a better scheme or an appreciation gift, shoppers will tend to shift to those brands. You must keep reminding your loyal customers that if your company is doing well, it is all because of them.

If yours is a home service business or a small business, it is very important to keep up your name in the huge market. Your customers are those who are not able to afford the bigger brands and they can shift anytime. This is why you need to be investing more in making your existing buyers more loyal towards your brand. Giving them an appreciation gift will help you at large.

Nobody likes to spend on a product which will give them limited returns. You might give them discounts, but every company does it these days. If your gift is unique, it will stay in their mind for a long time and they will talk about it to their friends.

What to give to your customer?

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There are many gifts that you can send to your loyal customers. First, you have to decide on your budget. If you want to give a luxurious gift, you must keep a budget accordingly. Then comes what to buy. Well, there are a lot of options. Here’s what we think you can give:

1. A Hamper with a handwritten note:

You can give the buyers of your product a luxurious looking gift hamper along with a handwritten note. A handwritten note makes it look more real and acknowledging when sent by mentioning specifics about your valued customer. You must make sure that your hamper looks very pleasing and eye-catching.

2. Share a video on social media:

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Social media appreciation is now trending. You can make a thank you video for your valued consumer and include your staff. It can be very simple with a shoutout or consumer stories shared by your staff. You don’t need to have a proper studio or a big production team to make this video, you can make some space in your store and use your mobile phone camera to record it.

3. Share photos of your customers:

Another way of thanking your consumers online is by sharing their pictures with a customized thank you note as a caption for the picture. A high-quality video might be a headache for you, but just clicking a picture will not need a professional photographer.

4. Discounts and themed promos:

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You can either give discount coupons for your valued customers only or make everyone happy by giving good discounts on a particular occasion. This will also increase your sales and potential consumers.

5. Send goodie bags or big baskets:

You can send your latest sample products to your valued customers for free to their homes. You can also send a handwritten note with this. You can also hand out goodie bags to all your vendees visiting your store on a particular day.

6. Host a party of your loyal customers:

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You can also host a nice party for your loyal customers in your store or somewhere outside. You can set up a nice environment by keeping a buffet, some champagne, and good music. You can also use this opportunity to launch a new product or give a great discount. At the end of the party, you may also hand out gifts to them.

7. Memberships:

It might be very hard to get a membership in a club that your company owns. You can give a membership to your loyal customers. It would be a win-win for both, as your club gets a new member and your consumers get membership in a luxury club.

When to give gifts to your customer?

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  • Birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, start-up of a new business, and other occasions.
  • When they have not been visiting as frequently as they used to. Remind them!
  • Customer appreciation day
  • Your company’s anniversary
  • When something goes wrong from your side, you might have to give a gift to apologize to the buyers.

To conclude, if you want to be the leader in the market, then you need to keep your clients and consumers happy. This will ensure that you stay in business for many more years to come.