GoPros are some of the best action cameras on the market today, boasting durable, rugged design and cutting-edge image-capture technology.

With GoPros you can capture amazing video memories of your family and friends, record fast-paced sports, document nature’s beautiful moments, and much more.

GoPros are also versatile enough to work in wet and dusty environments so you never miss a shot. Let’s take a closer look at all the things you can do.

1. Take photos underwater

As a versatile camera that records activities in high-definition, a GoPro is a perfect companion when exploring underwater activities. With its waterproof shell, it is designed to survive up to 131 feet underwater, so you never have to worry about leaving your camera behind when scuba diving or snorkeling.

For best results underwater and during other water-based activities like swimming or surfing, mount your GoPro on a floaty so it is easy to spot if it gets swept away by waves. To take a steady image without motion blur, switch ‘stabilization’ mode on in the settings menu before starting your shoot.

With its rugged construction and waterproof design, a GoPro provides endless possibilities for capturing stunning photos – no matter what adventure awaits!

2. Capture photos in low-light conditions

Capturing photos in low-light conditions with a GoPro can be challenging; however, it is possible to achieve stunning photos by taking advantage of its features and settings. Begin by selecting the appropriate mode for the situation. For example, choose Time Lapse if you’re photographing stars or lightning, or Night Lapse if you are attempting to capture moonlight reflecting on water or waves lapping the shore.

Next, adjust your settings to take advantage of the available light. Use a star filter setting to enhance starlight photographs, turn on auto exposure options to determine exposure intervals, increase exposure levels for brighter images, and reduce gain levels for clearer detail when capturing lightning strikes or fireworks displays.

Additionally, increase shutter speed as necessary and decrease ISO levels when needed — low-light shots require both increased shutter speed and reduced ISO levels to get excellent results.

3. Take photos from unique angles


Sometimes the best shots come from unique angles or by using a variety of perspectives. With a GoPro Chile camera, you can achieve interesting angles, even when you’re unable to physically move within a scene. Whether it’s through mounting the camera to a surfboard, hat, bicycle helmet, or somewhere else on your body, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your shots.

4. Capture smooth, steady footage

For many Action Cameras, the most popular way to capture footage is to attach them to our bodies and shoot while participating in any activity that provides abundant action. But in order to get the best shots, you need more than just the right subject matter — they can’t be shaky and blurry! Here are some tips and tricks you can use to ensure a smooth, steady video.

Mount your Camera Properly

When mounting your camera to yourself or onto an object, make sure it is secured properly and won’t slip out of place during filming.

Use a Tripod

If having a secure mount isn’t possible, use a tripod or other support to keep your camera from wobbling or shaking as you move around.

Keep Your Hands Steady


Hold your hands steady before pressing the record button and be sure not to move too quickly as you press the button. The minimum movement will give you smoother results

Take Short Breaks

When shooting video for longer amounts of time, take regular breaks between shots so that any trembling will not lead to permanent motion blur

Add Some Bounce

If shooting home videos (not in strict environments), use items such as a table-top tripod or beanbag stand which often add extra bounce effects and help in steadying tough shots

5. Create slow-motion videos

GoPros have a high-speed filming capability that makes it easy to create slow-motion videos. It can record up to 240 frames per second (fps) at resolutions up to 1080p, allowing you to capture incredibly smooth, slow-motion footage. With the right editing software, you can easily set your videos in slow motion and add some amazing effects.

Creating slo-mo videos is easy with the help of GoPro’s built-in HyperSmooth star or stabilization algorithms that result in super smooth footage even when the camera is moving. To record in slow motion, simply change the settings on your video mode select and make sure you are shooting an extremely high frame rate (240 fps).

6. Shoot time-lapse videos

Time-lapse videos can be used to capture epic moments and stories, showing the passage of time from a unique perspective. For example, you could capture a beautiful day at the beach by recording a sequence of shots over several hours that can then be sped up and condensed into a few seconds of stunning footage.

Using your GoPro, you can shoot time-lapse videos with ease. You’ll need to make sure your settings are correct before getting started. Depending on the speed of your desired time-lapse video, set your framing rate (interval between shots) from 0.5 seconds to 60 minutes or greater if needed (the slower the rate, the longer it will take). Be sure to set up your GoPro in a spot with good lighting and no shadows before activating the time-lapse mode – this will ensure the best quality video products.

7. Connect your GoPro to your computer


Connecting GoPro to your computer is one of the most effective ways to share your adventures. With this method, the transfer of photos, videos, and audio are quick and easy.

First, make sure that the camera is off before connecting the USB cable to both devices. To do this properly, find either the round USB port located on the side or back of your camera, or if you have a newer model it more than likely has a USB-C connector.

After correctly connecting the connection cable from your camera to your computer, power on the camera with its separate button (or via Apple/Android device). Your device may prompt you with a menu choice ─ as long as you select “camera” instead of “phone” or another option ─ you should be good to go.


GoPros make great tools for capturing life’s greatest moments. Whether you’re skiing down a mountain, taking pictures of the stars, or scaling an icy cliff face, GoPros can give you access to amazing experiences and save memories forever. With so many options and accessories, it’s easy to find amazing shots and huge savings when buying a GoPro.