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A large part of what we have been going through since last year is the result of our reckless habits. It seems like nature has had enough and is lashing out at humans to reclaim its space. However, as we brace to go back to normalcy, we must bring a lifestyle change in the post-pandemic world.

Go Minimalistic and Practical

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One important reason for destashing your closet is to go minimalistic. Minimalism primarily means to not indulge in unnecessary extravaganza beyond what is necessary and finding joy in it. There has been quite a buzz about minimalistic lifestyles for quite a while, but a lot of people were not convinced about how they could practically integrate it into their lifestyles. Interestingly, the series of lockdowns as a result of the Covid19 taught most of us how many of the material things that we have been hoarding on were meaningless.

In the post-pandemic world, the trends will mostly be driven by minimalistic eco-friendly and practical apparel such as canvas totes, breathable pieces of cotton, light denim, etc. For example, this website shows a great variety of trendy cinch bags that you can use for every purpose rather than investing a dozen different bags.

Declutter Your Closet

Even when the lockdowns are being gradually easing off, life is not going to be the same. While people will step out for the much-needed economic activity, do not expect crazy mid-night parties, and post-work coffee hangouts with the colleagues anytime soon. This eventually means that you will not be needing most of the stash lying down in your closet.

The first rule of staying trend relevant on a budget is to stay organized. Kon Mari, the queen of organizing has been emphasizing getting rid of everything you do not need. If you have not been able to convince yourself to get organized until now, this is the best time to do so. Check for everything that you have not worn in months, or you will not be wearing anytime soon and do away with it.

Breathable Fabrics

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Since most of us will be stepping out in the sweltering summers, stay away from anything synthetic. Light, organic breathable fabrics are the way to go this summer. Avoid anything that is heavily embellished or too over the top. Light pastels in cotton, chiffons, and tulle will be the trend leaders this summer. If you wish to wear a dark or bright color, pair it up with a contrasting paste, ideally white. Wearing light breathable fabrics will also make you less dependent on cooling equipment and are more eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Fashion

The world is finally realizing how most of our sufferings today has stemmed from our hostility and reckless attitude towards our natural environment. From mindless deforestations to carbon emissions, everything has contributed to the hazardous effects on our climate. Apocalyptic forest fires, disastrous rains, heat waves, and the polar vortex and unpredictable climate changes are the fruits of the seeds that we have been sowing for years.

The concept of organic and eco-friendly fashion is now picking up gradually. Organic apparel refers to clothing that is made out of the organic crop, is cruelty-free and the use of pesticides and any other environmentally hazardous chemicals and processes is eliminated in their production.

Throw out all of the useless boxes

One of the worst habits people have almost anywhere on this planet is to keep stuff that they don’t need. This is especially true for boxes. It is unhealthy, it’s basically garbage and it fills your home with unnecessary items.

When purchasing a new pair of shoes, they come in a shoebox. Most people would store the box somewhere to be used as storage or in case they ever need to return shoes back to the store. In reality, there is no real need for it. You can safely throw it away and maybe even recycle it. Phones, TVs, computers, and almost every other product that you can purchase comes in some form of a box. Keeping all of those boxes does not make any sense and will clutter your home or your storage room.

Assuming that you are serious about living a minimalistic lifestyle, throwing them is the right thing to do. I would recommend recycling such things if you want to have a positive environmental impact too.

During the stuff that you do not need

We simply cannot ignore the fact that every single one of us has a couple of extra shirts that we never wear. We believe that a time will come when we will wear the shirts again, but in reality, that time will never come. This applies to all kinds of things and not just clothing. All of us are used to having hundreds of extra items that we don’t even notice them.

Getting rid of such things because you may have some kind of sentimental connection to them, so throwing them in the trash is not ideal. The best way to say goodbye to sentimental items is to donate them to the people that need them. Whether it uses your favorite shirt, your favorite watch, or whatever, there is someone on this planet that is in dire need of it.

There are dozens of websites and probably even some companies in your area that accept all kinds of donations. I suggest that you consider this as an option.

Replace decorations with nature

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One of the best ways to make your home and your lifestyle a bit more minimalistic is through nature. Throw away all those shiny and complex decorations and start replacing them with pretty plants or flowers. Not only will these plans make your home just a bit more minimalistic, but it will also make your home cleaner, healthier, and safer.

Turning to this kind of lifestyle during a pandemic is essential. It promotes a cleaner and healthier life while staying trendy too. Keep in mind, you don’t have to follow exactly every point I mentioned in this article. Adopting just a few of these changes will make a good enough impact.