Is the special day of your loved one approaching? Are you finding it difficult to find the perfect theme that everyone will enjoy? Here are a few you can check out:

9Carnival Fun

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Rent a large tent and organize a few fun games for your guests. Put up some decorations and make it festive like a carnival. Get in touch with people who can put up stalls. You can even hire colorful costumes that go with the theme.

8Horse Hoe-down

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If your loved one loves horses this can be the best party theme you can pick for him or her. You can choose a farmhouse or a stable as the venue. Consider hay bale decorations. Rent a few ponies to ride and make sure everyone comes in their horse-riding gear.

7Mermaid Merriment

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If you are thinking of a beach or a pool party this is one of the themes you can choose. Choose décor in tones of purple and deep blue. Serve lots of seafood and make sure the birthday girl or boy gets to wear a crown made of shells.

6Camping Cheer

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This will be a very interesting theme for nature lovers. You can hire a big tent and set up your party in it. You can even have a sleepover. Think of barbecues, bonfires, and lots of fun activities. Keep it simple.

5Dinosaur Jam

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Create a little Jurassic experience for your little monster. You can hire a realistic dinosaur costume from Pin the tail on T-rex could be one of the games to give the party a prehistoric twist.

4Karaoke Jubilee

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This can be great fun if your guests are music lovers. Make a list of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite songs and create an instrumental playlist of them. To make it more professional you can even hire a DJ who will come with all the equipment you may need. Let each of the guests sing along and enjoy their five minutes of fame.

3Royalty Celebration

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Let all the guests be kings and queens for the day. Arrange for a few crowns and tiaras and give them all a royal welcome. Choose royal blue and gold for the décor and make sure there are knights guarding the party entrance. Don’t forget gold-colored cutlery and of course a royal spread that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

2Boardgame bash

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If your loved one isn’t quite made for those loud and boisterous parties, this is one theme he or she might love. Create individual game stations and set up different board games at each of them. You can hand-deliver cupcakes and snacks to your guests at each of these stations.


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If the birthday boy or girl is someone who loves art, this theme can be a super-duper hit for the birthday party. But make sure your guests use white-iced cakes for the canvas and food coloring for the paints.

You must have liked at least one of the above themes for your loved one’s birthday. Now it is time to start planning. Find out how many guests you are going to invite. Make note of their interests and food choices. Make sure you give them remarkable gifts that they will cherish for life.


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