Cookie Jars have also been a popular item in the kitchen. Why? Because it was always easy to find out where the best tasting things in the kitchen could always be found. Plus it was an easy and decorative way to keep cookies fresh. These cookie jars on the other hand will definitely draw plenty of attention to your beloved cookies.


R2-D2 Cookie Jar

Now I love Star Wars as much as the next person but I am not sure I would ever want a large R2 – D2 filled with cookies in my home. Not to mention the only way to get at the cookies it to pull off poor R2’s head and reach inside. This is fine for your typical faceless cookie jar characters but this is R2 D2 we’re talking about, he is so much more than just a machine. But for those of you who love Star Wars and cookies this might just be something you can sink your hands into.

r2 d2 cookie jar



Mr T Cookie Jar

Now while I may have had a problem reaching into the head of R2 –D2 I have no such reluctance with Mr. T. Why? Because well I’ve never cared for Mr. T and somehow the idea of knowing that he has nothing but cookies inside his head truly amuses me. But seriously the only benefit I could imagine from this cookie jar is that it might scare the kids enough that they will never try and sneak a cookie without asking.

mr t cookie jar



Alien Cookie Jar

Alright I’ll grant you the fact that this looks freakishly awesome and maybe the coolest cookie jar I’ve ever seen. But that still does not mean I want it sitting in my kitchen. For me cookie jars are supposed to be something that are cute and that the kids will reach in and steal cookies from when I am not looking. This on the other hand may just give them nightmares about cookies and while that would be an interesting way to keep kids away from sweets, I’m not sure that’s the answers. But for all you bachelor’s out there…you probably should have this.

alien cookie jar



Elvis Turntable Cookie Jar

Okay I know I’ve been doing quite a few pop culture cookie jars here but I guess that’s just what gets the creativity flowing to make things that should never be cookie jars, into cookie jars. Now this is the first that looks absolutely nothing like a cookie jar, in fact I’m not even sure how you get the cookies out, or what opens, but it looks really cool. This is a great collectible for any Elvis fan and will add some rock to your kitchen. Once again, it looks cook and all but I’m not still on sold on it being a great cookie jar.

elvis turntable cookie jar



Cactus Christmas Cookie Jar

This is one cookie jar that I think is trying too hard. Not only it is a cactus but it is wearing a cowboy hat and it is decorated with Christmas lights. Okay now the lights itself do not make it seem very Christmasy to me and I think it needs a little more in order for me to buy the weird cowboy hat on the cactus.

cactus cookie jar



Sunflower Cookie Jar

I’m sorry but the 70’s had so many misses when it came to style and decor that I’m almost convinced that most of what was created then is better left forgotten. Among that is this cookie jar. While flowers and bright colors have always been popular with cookie jars, I can’t help but think this is hideous. A large strangely shaped blob of brown? (what are they dead sunflowers) that has been hollowed out and filled with cookies. No thanks I’ll take my changes reaching into Mr. T’s empty head.

sunflower cookie jar



Ape Fez Wearing Cookie Jar

Now I didn’t name this thing, the people who created it did. Now I understand people who like monkeys and the whole Tiki theme, but really? This crazy ape does not make me want to party and I really do not want to take off the hat and grab a cookie. Though that may also be because I’ve seen too many movies that mention monkey brains and it has never seemed like an appetizing thing to eat. Not to mention it does look very strange to me.

ape fez wearing cookie jar



Tooth Face Cookie Jar

Now this cookie jar has been made by a master potter and he obviously put a great deal of time into creating it. While I can respect his skill I still think this is hideous. I am not sure why anyone would want this in their house. I understand the cultural reasons and the artistic value of this and I appreciate it, I honestly do, it’s just really not for me. In my book, cookies should be cute and whimsical, and this does not fit that for me.

tooth face cookie jar


Whatever cookie jar you decide to have in your home, be aware that choosing one of these cookie jars is liable to make your cookie jar the center of attention in your whole kitchen. These jars are just so unique and crazy that no one will be able to pass them by without at least taking a look and most of them will grab a cookie or two at the same time.

Written by Stephanie Schoppert – Copyrighted ©